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Mormonism and the Book of Mormon - a Collection

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Mormonism and the Book of Mormon - a Collection:

With Romney as the most likely GOP choice in the next US presidential election, Mormonism came under the spotlight. It is interesting to note that Mormonism as a Christian sect started in 1830; they have their own Prophet and Bible (Book of Mormon). Myths and miracles play important role in shaping their doctrines.

We have 18 titles in this upload.

- Barlow - Mormons and the Bible; the Place of the Latter-Day Saints in American Religion (1991)

- Barnett - Mormonism Against Itself (2010)

- Bitton & Alexander - Historical Dictionary of Mormonism, 3rd ed. (2008)

- Brooke - The Refiner’s Fire; the Making of Mormon Cosmology, 1644-1844 (1994)

- Givens - The Viper on the Hearth; Mormons, Myths, and the Construction of Heresy (1997)

- Hallwas & Launius - Cultures in Conflict; a Documentary History of Mormon War in Illinois (1995)

- Hershey - Mormonism; Unscriptural, Pagan and Immoral (1900)

- Jackson - Mormonism Explained; What Latter-Day Saints Teach and Practice (2008)

- Kidder - Mormonism and the Mormons; a Historical View of the Rise and Progress of the Latter-Day Saints (1856)

- Lamb - The Mormons and their Bible (1901)

- Lee - Mormonism Unveiled (1877)

- Parsons - Mormon Fanaticism Exposed; a Compendium of the Book of Mormon, or Joseph Smith's Golden Bible (1841)

- Shook - Cumorah Revisited, or, the Book of Mormon and the Claims of the Mormons Re-examined (1910)

- Taysom - Shakers, Mormons, and Religious Worlds; Conflicting Visions, Contested Boundaries (2011)

- The Book of Mormon; 1990 Independence Edition (1990)

- Trumble - The Mysteries of Mormonism; a Full Exposure of its Secret Practices and Hidden Crimes (1881)

- Walker - Massacre at Mountain Meadows; an American Tragedy (2008)

- Wicks & Foister - Junius and Joseph; Presidential Politics and the Assassination of the First Mormon Prophet (2005)