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The Montauk UFO Remote Viewing Book Archive

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The Montauk UFO Remote Viewing Book Archive

English and German books included

I've managed to convert the Preston Montauk books to a more readable format. The ones in the Montauk audiobook pack were quite smallish. The other books in this pack are all more or less related to the Montauk project.


Al Bielek's Speech on the Philadelphia Experiment.pdf
Hi Tech Top Secret Projects.pdf
Preston B. Nichols - Das Montauk Projekt _ Experimente mit der Zeit (1994).pdf
Preston B. Nichols - Encounter in the Pleiades _ An Inside Look at UFOs.pdf - new format
Preston B. Nichols - Montauk Project _ Experiments in Time.pdf
Preston B. Nichols - Montauk Revisited _ Adventures in Synchronicities.pdf - new format
Preston B. Nichols - Rueckkehr nach Montauk.pdf
Preston Nichols - The Music of Time v1.pdf
Preston Nichols - The Music of Time v2.pdf
The Montauk Project.pdf

Omega File

Branton - The Omega File.pdf
Secret Nazi Conspiracy - The Omega File.pdf
The Omega File Reloaded.pdf

Ong's Hat

Are You Living in a Computer Simulation.pdf
Nick Herbert Dossier Ong's Hat.pdf
Ong's Hat - The Beginning.pdf
Ong's Hat Brochure.pdf
Ong's Hat Emory Cranston Strange.pdf
Ong's Hat Graphic Novel Parts 1 and 5.pdf
Ong's Hat Herbert Dossier Advances in Skin Science.pdf
Ong's Hat the Beginning by Joseph Matheny.pdf
Original Incunabula Ong's Hat eBook.pdf
Simulacra and Simulation _ Baudrillard and the Matrix.pdf
The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick by Robert Crumb.pdf

Project Superman

Pero Andy - Project Superman _ A Victim of the Illuminati's Super Race Project speaks out.pdf
Pero Andy - Project Superman.pdf

Radio and Free Energy

Terman Radio Engineering 1937 electronics with valves.pdf
The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems 1991.pdf

Remote Viewing - Channeling

A Channeling Handbook.pdf
CIA Remote Viewing Manual.pdf
Controlled Remote Viewing Manual.pdf
Joseph McMoneagle - Mind Trek.pdf
Joseph McMoneagle - Remote Viewing Secrets.pdf


Gerald Ford - UFO Documents.pdf
Inside the Military UFO Underground.pdf
UFO Diaries.pdf
World Atlas of UFOs.pdf