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Monroe Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Waves 1996 pack

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Monroe Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Waves 1996 pack

I will be brief and to-the-point. This program has been selling for years and years through the Monroe Institute. It has been thoroughly tested and researched and many people have used this system to reach new states of awareness. No, it is not for everybody. But, if you are looking into meditation and all the benefits that come with it, you should do some homework then consider this program.

You don't need to buy the whole series. You can go in Waves. It can take months or even years to master each Wave, depending on where you are with this whole concept. This is a program that has propelled people into states of consciousness that were difficult to attain unless you were a devoted student or master. This bypasses this process completely with a proven process of conscious-changing exercises. If you are interested in this, this is it. This is the Gold Standard. It's actually copyrighted and patented so there is no other "standard." It's called Hemi-Sync and The Gateway Experience and it's the real deal.

Yes, there are other products but they do NOT do what this program does. Again, look around. This is NOT a relaxation CD. This is a series of exercises that may result in an out-of-body experience or, at the very least, a new awareness of Who You Really Are. You cannot put a price on that kind of change or experience. The cost, in part, supports the work of the Institute which offers the same program but in a retreat format. This is the cheap way to do it. So, if you don't like it you can surely sell it for at least half of what you paid for it. But chances are that you are looking at this because you want to experience what it has to offer. So, like me, you'll probably keep the CDs and lend them out to your friends.

The Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience program is perhaps one of the most powerful, extensive and stimulating packages in this field of meditation CDs and binaural beats. Perhaps it's main competitor is the Centerpointe Holosync program; however, the the Hemi-Sync program is far more affordable and more diverse. Holosync also uses the binaural beats, but there is no verbal guidance on the CDs themselves and all sets (at about $250 per set, up to ten sets) have the same somewhat monotonous rain/bong sound setup. The Hemi-Sync program builds from one CD to the next, with new information and techniques on each. In the initial set (Wave I), you are taught how to reach a meditative state. Then on the following CDs, you are asked to repeat the steps yourself to reach a meditative state, but there is no repeating of those steps on every CD, so it moves right along with fresh information on each new CD.

Many tools are provided for those seeking peace and transcendental improvement. Although the material explicitly states that there is no hypnosis involved, you ARE placed into a very calm receptive state and suggestions are made as to improving one's life, and positive affirmations are offered forth. I'd call that hypnosis to a degree, but it is never overbearing, and all the suggestions are beneficial and positive.

Self improvement is all but assured with this system, with learning tools to aid one in dealing with one's own life and surroundings. And, on a very positive note, it does NOT require numerous repeating of the system to "get it" - the principals are straight forward and take very quickly. Although it retails for $500, it is available for far less, and at those levels, it is a definite buy for a seeker's toolbox.


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Wave I - Discovery - 3.5 hours
Wave II - Threshold - 3.5 hours
Wave III - Freedom - 3.3 hours
Wave IV - Adventure - 3.5 hours
Wave V - Exploring Focus 15 - 3.5 hours
Wave VI - Odyssey - 3.5 hours

Reincarnation by Robert Monroe.avi
Robert Monroe's Out of Body Experiences.avi

comment: I've added the videos for you to get a feeling if this guy can be trusted or not and as an introduction. Bear in mind that opening up your mind to such files that may contain harmful subliminals may be a risk to your mental health. On the other hand avoiding such files altogether bears the risk of missing an opportunity for change and growth. If you stop eating food you will never get poisoned.


Thank you for this torrent. 1996 year, it's amazing! This is the earliest version that I found on the Internet. Tell me, do you have the record in the original, not in mp3? I'd love to get them.