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Monarch Illuminati Mind Control 101

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Monarch Illuminati Mind Control 101

This brief text will teach you what the following forms of programming are all about:

Alpha Beta Delta Gamma Omega Chi Epsilon

Obviously there are many other letters in the Greek alphabet...


Gamma Γ γ GAMMA. Gamma programming is a system to protect the Illuminati scheme by producing an army of misinformation agents, some of which are involved in exposing Illuminati, but mixes truth with wildly speculative and obviously ridiculous assertions. The problem with any form of propaganda or public mind control is that it risks exposure, every time a new sequence is published. Gamma operators are employed to sow doubt and confusion about the very existence of Illuminati. People like Alex Jones and David Icke are employed to add a bizarre and unbelievable twist to what is commonly dubbed "Conspiracy Theories" or "Paranoid Conspiracy Theories". Gamma is also debunking projects and a system of coded messages and denials in mainstream media propaganda, and the existence of Gamma Programming is far more common in average news production than in Hollywood and on MTV. Elements of Gamma Programming, however, does surface in Hollywood. Examples of Hollywood Gamma projects are adventure movies like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and National Treasure, as well as The Conversation, Conspiracy Theory, Enemy of the States and 12 Monkeys.

+ a few books on mind control:

War for the Mind - The Encyclopedia of Mind Control.pdf

Kathleen Sullivan - Unshackled A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control.pdf

Mk-Ultra - Monarch - 1.pdf

Mk-Ultra - Monarch - 2.pdf

Mk-Ultra - Monarch - 3.pdf

Interview with a Monarch Mind Control Deprogrammer.pdf


Let's leave Rothschild out of this. Not everybody is Rothschild unless you are using Rothschild as a loose term like Illuminati. With Illuminati referring to the wider spectrum, there is a Rothschild element and a Masonic element, but probably as sinister as any is the Jesuit element. I cannot prove this, I wish I could, but I believe that to become a full-fledged Jesuit you would have had to have been sodomized by the time you were three years of age. I believe they're all sodomites.