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Modern Scandals

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This book contains 400 of the most important and most publicized scandals throughout the world since the beginning of the twentieth century. "Great Events from History: Modern Scandals" is an entirely new reference set on a subject that has never been covered as broadly and thoroughly in any other reference publication. However, before considering the content of this set, attention must be paid to the meaning of the word 'scandal' - a concept more elusive than one might at first appreciate. Scandals are typically high-profile events that garner considerable media attention and public discussion but nevertheless often remain poorly understood.The word 'scandal' is generally understood as applying to misbehavior and wrongful acts. However, scandalous acts are not necessarily illegal, and illegal acts are not necessarily scandalous. The essence of scandal is the damage to reputation brought on by the violation of codes of morality or propriety. It therefore follows that a given act when committed by one person might be considered scandalous, while the same act committed by another might not. When notorious criminals murder, their acts are not generally regarded as scandalous. However, when respected religious or community leaders publicly admit to having committed adultery, their behavior is apt to be considered scandalous. The difference is that criminals are expected to commit crimes, while religious and community leaders are expected to conduct their lives within the bounds of their communities' moral and ethical standards.Scope and coverage: This three-volume set covers major events that occurred worldwide throughout the 20th century. A wide variety of topics appear here, including scandals that rocked the worlds of banking and finance, education, government and politics, health and medicine, publishing and journalism, and sports and entertainment. Topics include such widely know scandals as the Teapot Dome scandal, 1919 'Black Sox' World Series, Watergate, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, the death of Princess Diana, Enron, the Tour de France doping scandal, and the 2007 subprime mortgage industry collapse.Organization and format: The essays in this set are 3-5 pages in length and are arranged chronologically. The top matter of each essay offers a brief summary of its event's importance, the subject category or categories to which the event belongs - from agriculture to women's issues; the event's geographical locale; and a list of Key Figures including name, vital years, regnal dates and terms of office, and brief descriptors of their roles.The body of each essay is divided by subheads into a chronological Summary of Event and an assessment of the event's historical Impact. These sections are followed by a fully annotated Further Reading section listing sources for additional study and cross-references to essays of related interest within the set.Special features: Several helpful research aids can be found at the end of Volume 3. These include an annotated General Bibliography, a Chronological List of Entries, and Category, Geographical, Personage, and General Subject Indexes. This title contains 3 Volumes; 1,236 Pages; 400 essays; 70 sidebars/tables; 5 maps; 250 photographs; and keyword.