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MK Ritual Abuse & Mental Control (2016)

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For the first time in the French-speaking world, a book attempts to explore the complex subjects of traumatic ritual abuse and the mind control that results from it. It is a question here of deepening the heavy question of the elitist pedocriminality, also called the pedo-satanism. How does a child's brain react to such horrors? How is it possible to mentally program a human being? What are the roots of such practices? Going back to ancient religions, through ancestral shamanism while cross-checking the many testimonies of victims and therapists, but also of repentants, we are gradually discovering that these psycho-spiritual practices, consisting in creating profound modified states of consciousness through trauma, are a Pandora's box allowing to perpetuate mental slavery but also to access other dimensions.


The book is in French, but the description is in English? Now that's logical.

Only the cover was French, until I screen captured the cover from the ebook and uploaded it here as a replacement. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for sharing! I had just assumed I was gonna have to run it through a translator. This saves us much time,


It's machine translation from French. Omnia veritas is regarded as extremely pro-catholic publisher.