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Missing Links with Gregg Braden, Season 1-3 (2017-2019)

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Explore the deep truths of our origin, history, destiny and fate, with celebrated author and luminary Gregg Braden.

Season 1
Connect science and spirituality to reveal a new understanding of humanity’s history, the origins of civilization and the power of our heart’s intelligence.

Season 2
Are we living in a virtual reality? Discover the societal and spiritual implications that arise when we recognize our world as an artificially constructed computer simulation.

Season 3
Discover the Divine Matrix, how it influences you, and how you can influence it. This could dramatically improve your life, your wellbeing, and the lives of all of those around you.

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Have just started this. Looks great! Thanks for uploading.

Anybody else watch this series? If you like Graham Hancock you will like this one, too. And it's been updated beyond Hancock's previous research, too. Thank you, again, maestro Dr3adLoX