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Missiles Used On 9-11

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OK so here's a continuation from my last upload:

There was a lot of debate, so I thought I'd try and find more evidence to state my case.

3 major things I focused on:

1 - If I say it wasn't a plane, than what was it you ask? Well a possible theory of mine of course is that missiles were used. What type of missile you ask? Well I think this one:

AGM-158 JASSM Missile

AGM-158 JASSM Air Force Navy Missile Test Video


Couldn't these be mistaken for a plane by people in a split second panic environment?

2 - It seems a lot of you who don't believe the no-plane theory keep pointing out all the witnesses who saw the planes hit the towers. Now it's not that I don't believe they saw something, they did I'm sure. I just don't think it was a plane.

So I've collected some videos of pilots and people in the military talking about how the events of 9-11 are basically impossible. The reason...

Who is a more credible source? Trained military person and pilots who know from personal experience that some of the things these planes did could not be done...or un-trained civilian witnesses, in a split second moment of panic.

3 - No Vortices (For 1moreFreeman)

I will be limiting my commenting on this one, but I'm hoping the videos will speak for themselves.