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Miscellanea Judaica #05

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Shortlist of titles:

i) A.K. Chesterton - "Menace Of The Money Power" (1946)
ii) Anon. (pub. A.S. Leese) - "The Great Jewish Masque (c.1918)
iii) Geoffrey Chaucer - "The Prioress's Tale"
iv) Eric D. Butler - "Censored History (1974)
v) Fr. Chas. E. Coughlin - "I Take My Stand (1940)
vi) Isidore Epstein - Judaism: A Historical Presentation (1959)
vii) Raymond Rudman - "England Under The Heel Of The Jew"
viii) U.S. Congress - "Judiciary Committee SubCommittee - Protocols Of Zion A Fabricated 'Historic'Document" (1964)

Some more rare PDFs (images + text-searchable), half are prepared from JPEGs located at
Topics include suppressed history and the support of Communist Russia and Eastern Europe/China by Western Finance; money reform; Chaucer's "The Prioress's Tale", a tale of Jewish Ritual Murder from his famous "Canterbury Tales"; a late 1950s historical review of Judaism by rabbi and academic Isidore Epstein and Arnold Leese's reprint of the anonymous deconstruction of Judaism, "The Jewish Masque"; etc.

* * * *
(1) A.K.Chesterton-MenaceOfTheMoneyPower(1946).pdf
19pp. 3.20MB. "An Analysis of World Government by Finance", the pamphlet is a response to the financial policy which "led to the foundation and perversion of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board", following adoption of the Final Act of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1946. Preface includes a listing of some of the major works and authors on the subject, including "The Money Illusion," by Professor Irving Fisher - if you have this one, please upload.
The rubber band / "elastic" money supply effect is nicely summarised by Chesterton at the start of his pamphlet:

Page 1: "The technique of money-lending on its simplest level is to make an advance against security, draw interest, and at an agreed date
receive back the capital sum—other things being equal, a perfectly honest transaction. If the more ambitious money-lenders kept to
this even routine, however, they would be a very long time attaining power. What they desire, therefore, is that the money they
lend shall either be repaid to them when its buying power has been greatly enhanced, or that it shall not be repaid at all, thus enabling
them to foreclose on their mortgages and become possessed of their victim's capital assets. These two motifs have long determined
the course of economic history, explaining slump and boom, and enabling a small band of international lenders and manipulators to
become the virtual masters of the world."

Background to Bretton Woods summarised from page 22 of "The Bretton Woods Plot" by A.N. Field (published 1957):

"The purpose of the Bretton Woods International Monetary Fund is to bind the money systems of all member nations rigidly to the U.S. dollar by means of fixed exchange rates and free convertibility. Free convertibility means that the Government or central bank of a country belonging to the Fund is bound to sell U.S. dollars at the fixed exchange rate and in unlimited quantity to any person requiring dollars in payment of current transactions, and presenting the necessary sum in local money.
In practice, free convertibility means that the amount of money in circulation in a Fund country will depend upon the quantity of U.S. dollars the central bank of that country possesses. It must so arrange things that the demand for dollars is never in excess of the dollars it has at command. If dollars are scarce, it must make its own local currency equally scarce. This, of course, means that it must tighten up money conditions all round, thus forcing down prices and wages, which, in turn, means increasing the burden of all debt—Government debt, local debt, mortgage debt, overdraft debt, &c, &c."

and from page 23 of Field's book:
"..The position thus is that the money basis which is the foundation of the Bretton Woods Agreement is not one that Britain or any other country—except perhaps some few small tropical countries with a fat dollar balance—would ever think of adopting unless its rulers were insane. The Bretton Woods Agreement was a product of one thing, and one thing only—a gang of university-bred Communist spies planted in the U.S."

Last, from page 11 of Field;s book, and in light of ex-IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's current troubles, a hint that maybe history does rhyme:
"Of course, no one could, with any validity, suggest today that there is any doubt that [Harold Dexter] White was in this
espionage ring."
Such is the view of the Attorney-General of the United States of the character of the principal architect of the International Monetary Fund which a New Zealand Royal Commission has recommended this country should join."

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40pp. 190KB. PDF with formatted OCR-text only. There is another PDF scan dating from 2002 at

"Tantalus—Proteus of Peoples, security comes from within!
Where is the lion of Judah? Wearing an ass's skin!"
(From final page of Rudman, item #(7) below).

Page 34:
"Thus, too, a "Neo-Messianist," named Baruch Levy, wrote to Karl Marx (a Jew whose real name was Mordecai) as follows:—
"The Jewish people, taken collectively, will be its own Messiah. His reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the other human races, the suppression of frontiers and of monarchies who are the rampart of particularism, and the establishment of a 'Universal Republic' . . . In this new organisation of humanity the sons of Israel . . . will become without opposition the directing element everywhere; above all they will succeed in forcing on the working-men masses the stable control of certain among them. The Government of the nations forming the Universal Republic will all pass, without effort, into Israelite hands, by favour of the victory of the Proletariat. Individual ownership will then be suppressed by the governors of the Jewish race who will administer in all places the public wealth. Thus will be realised the promise of the Talmud that, when the Times of the Messiah are come, the Jews will hold under their keys the properties of all the peoples of the world.'
This is the end towards which the activities of all who participate in the Masque, whether Jews or their dupes, are directed; and, in modern times, the 'six points' of the star, formed by the interlaced triangles, have been made to symbolise, among many other ideas, the principal means whereby this end is to be reached."

Like the one presented here the bamboo-delight version is undated nor does it contain anything to enable it to be dated exactly although most likely it was written around 1918. The bamboo-delight version also includes some passages not in the version presently offered and likewise omits some present in the Leese-published version.
See also:

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(3) Chaucer-ThePrioress'sTale.pdf
3pp. 107KB, PDF with OCR-text and cover image. In this version for easy understanding the Middle English is replaced by David Wright's modern prose rendering (published by London Panther (027408) in 1965).
This is one section of the famous Middle English "Canterbury Tales" that today you are unlikely to encounter in your school grade studies. Inspired by the ritual murder of Hugh of Lincoln.
The issue of Jewish Ritual Murder (called by organised Jewry "Blood Libel" ) is the subject of 3 talks (just ended) by Charles Giuliani on his Truth Hertz program,
In September 1936 retired veterinary surgeon Arnold S. Leese earned himself a six month prison sentence for publishing a tract on the subject including historical sources: "My Irrelevant Defence; being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder" (1938)
"Under the law of [criminal] libel, the truth of my statements with reference to Ritual Murder could not be used as an argument in my defence; it was deemed sufficient under the law that the statements had been written, and that they "rendered His Majesty's subjects of Jewish faith liable to suspicion, affront and boycott" and so amounted to a Public Mischief."
So society is rendered defenceless and truth is trumped by "minority rights" even when disproportionate to the rights of others, the majority (not to be murdered, notably).

The Heretical Two are currently "enjoying" a sabbatical in one of Her Majesty's U.K. un-health-y resorts for much the same reasons. If he were alive today, would Chaucer too have been "banged up" for a public order offence designed to dampen the ardour of those wishing to retain their country's culture?

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(4) EricD._Butler--Censored_History_(1974).pdf
50pp. 3.38MB. The Canadian edition of September 1983, original text published in 1974. Missing pages 44/45 (no JPEGs at inserted from ALR/Australian League of Rights reproduction at:

" 'International [Jewish] financial groups, exercising power through creation and control of financial credit on an international scale, had worked closely with Communists for the purpose of creating a New World Order'.--Carroll Quigley".

Introduction To Canadian Edition.
Censored History.
The Reality Of Conspiracy.
The Sutton Revelations.
Bombshell Facts.
The Truth About The "Russian" Revolution.
Who Are The Jews?
Financing The Soviet By Wall Street.
Soviet-Zionist Collaboration.
Soviet Real Victors In Six-Day War.
October, 1973.
The "Anti-Semitic" Smear.
The Myth Of The Six Million.
Towards The World State.
Essential Reading.

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(5) Fr.Chas.E.Coughlin-ITakeMyStand(1940).pdf
16pp. 1.03MB. Pamphlet excoriating the lying U.S. Press etc for backing the trumped-up charges under the Roosevelt [Rosenfeldt] administration against Christian Front members and citing examples of actual sabotage and espionage carried out by subversives, also Communists in Government -- prelude to the Patriot Trials. Fr. Coughlin repudiates the "anti-Semitic" slur.

(From Fr. Denis Fahey's "The Mystical Body of Christ In the Modern World" (1939), pp. xiv-xv:
"...extract from that pathetic work, _Rebuilding a Lost Faith_, by an American Agnostic,*... [*. 3rd Edition, p. 28.]
'A considerable portion of the Press is now an ominous danger to public morals, since it has shown itself to be both vile and venal, and willing to deceive and brutalize mankind.
The depth to which its employees are frequently reduced is seen in the judgment passed upon the calling of the American journalist, by a New York editor, John Swinton, during an annual dinner of the New York Press Association. It certainly is a frank confession:
~There is no such thing as an independent Press in America, if we except that of little country towns. You know this and I know it. Not a man among you dares to utter his honest opinion. Were you to utter it, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid 150 dollars a week so that I may keep my honest opinion out of the paper for which I write. You, too, are paid similar salaries for similar services. Were I to permit that a single edition of my newspaper contained an honest opinion, my occupation, like Othello's, would be gone in less than twenty-four hours. The man who would be so foolish as to write his honest opinion would soon be on the streets in search for another job. It is the duty of a New York journalist to lie, to distort, to revile, to toady at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or what amounts to the same thing, his salary. We are marionettes. These men pull the strings, and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our capacities are all the property of these men; we are intellectual prostitutes.~ '
Philip Francis, for years an editorial writer of great influence in America, and who had had for forty years an intimate connexion with journalism, writes:
'With a few honourable exceptions, the big papers and magazines of the United States are the most ignorant and gullible, as well as the most cowardly and controlled Press, printed in any country in the world. The majority of the owners are mere financiers, who look upon their magazines and newspapers simply as money-making mills, and who, whenever it is a question between more coin and good, honest, patriotic, public service, will take the coin every time' (_The Poison in America's Cup_, p. 31).

[The quotation above attributed to John Swinton has elsewhere been contested; this extract from Fahey's 1939 book and its own footnoted source are the earliest documented references I have found so far to the passage.]

348pp. 14.4MB. Also a Windows text-only file (with carriage returns) of the under-image searchable text, will probably have some remaining typographical errors. 725KB.

From the Frontispiece: "A prolific author, he edited the thirty-six volumes of the Soncino edition of _The Babylonian Talmud in English_, and has written monographs on Jewish medieval scholars, as well as significant works on Jewish religion and ethics of which _Judaism_, in the Epworth Press Great Religions of the East series, is among the earliest, and _The Faith of Judaism_ and _Step by Step in the Jewish Religion_, a book for young readers, are the latest. ..."

There is a warning in Michael A. Hoffman II's "Judaism Discovered (From Its Own Texts)" (2008)* that many tenets of Judaism are misrepresented by organised Jewry to the outside world (and possibly even to "lower orders" of Jews).
* (searchable text under page images, ConCen tracker also has a page image only version).
Hoffman cites among other instances the question of the Kol Nidre prayer which he explains is often represented as being a nullification or prospective forgiveness of man's undertakings to G-d rather than a forward looking nullification of undertakings to non-Jews. (In fact he goes on to elaborate by quoting sources that indicate Kol Nidre is redundant in some Jewish scholars' opinions on the grounds that in Talmud non-Jews are not humans so cannot of themselves ever be the recipient of any contractual or other undertaking). That means that books written by Jews must, it seems, be examined carefully and compared against other sources to establish whether what they relay about Judaism can, in fact, all be taken at face value. In the case of this book by Epstein, one potentially dubious passage occurs on an initial Index search for Kol Nidre. On page 175:
"...The evening service is introduced by the Kol Nidre declaration, which is sung to a soul-stirring and plaintive melody, and which carries with it the remission of all vows affecting man's relations with His Creator. Going back to the Jewish persecutions in Visigothic Spain in the seventh century, when Jews in their thousands were forced to abjure their faith, this declaration, with its historical associations, is designed to serve as an inspiration and challenge to all those who, through one cause or another, have strayed during the year from the fold of Israel to return on this most sacred of days in the Hebrew calendar to their ancestral faith...."

The Bible itself supports the gist of Hoffman's complaint. "The ever-recurring motif of the Old Testament is this order of Moses, who, before the conquest of the promised land, points at the neighbouring peoples and then says to the children of Israel : "...Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them. Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt take unto thy son." (Deut. vii. 2-3.) (From "The World Conquerors" ). So no undertaking to or contract with a Gentile may by his religion be made by a Jew according to Torah itself; this before even examining the rabbinic accretions in the Talmud etc.

Hoffman warns in his book that often the prayer is misrepresented as above stated. If this criticism is accepted then necessarily the remaining content of books such as Epstein's is open to doubt. So reader beware. Also note the alternative view of more conventional historically-related issues examined in "Anon._(pub._A.S._Leese)--The_Great_Jewish_Masque_(c.1918).pdf" at #(2) above.
Likewise, the following extract from pages 106-7 concerning the death of the Nazarean/Galilean J.C. might be disputed in some quarters (and reads with strange prescience, for a pre-Vatican II / Nostra Aetate work):

"...he saddled the political Sanhedrin with the responsibility of maintaining the Roman rule in the province. Theirs was the duty to order the arrest of any persons suspected of plotting against Rome, and where there was a clear capital charge to hand over the defendant to the Romans for actual judgement. It was before this political Sanhedrin that Jesus was brought for examination on the political charge that he had attempted to make himself King of the Jews. Fearing that, unless they followed the normal procedure in a capital charge which was considered sufficiently proved, the Jews would lose the little national independence they still retained (see John 11. 48-50), the Sanhedrin handed over Jesus to Pilatus, at whose order, Jesus, like many other Jews charged with sedition, was nailed to the cross by Rome.
The Pharisees stood aloof from the whole affair. Their differences with Jesus were essentially religious. Never once did they reprove him for his messianic claims. In every case where they did rebuke him it was because of his disregard of their traditional interpretations of the laws of the Torah and the 'fences' erected round it. As such their differences had no bearing whatsoever on the political charge for which Jesus appeared before the High Priest and his associates, and in which they could not intervene even if they would. Consequently not a single Pharisee is found to have participated in the trial, much less in the decision to hand over Jesus to the Romans."

The Beginnings.
Israel's Selection.
The Torah.
Israel's Defection.
National and Religious Disruption: The Tragic Kingdom.
of Israel.
The Kingdom of Judah: Its rise and Fall.
The Prophets.
Priests and Psalmists.
The 'Wise Men'.
The Judean Theocratic State.
The Second Hebrew Commonwealth.
The Jewish National Spiritual Centre.
The Talmud in the Making.
Talmudic Judaism (i): Its Faith.
Talmudic Judaism (ii): Ethics and Virtue.
Talmudic Judaism (iii): Religious Observances.
The Consolidation of Talmudic Judaism.
Jewish Philosophy.
Jewish Mysticism: The Kabbalah.
The Contribution of Medieval Rabbinism.
Modern Movements in Judaism.
The Jewish State and Judaism.

* * * *
(7) RaymondRudman-EnglandUnderTheHeelOfTheJew.pdf
18pp. 1.04MB. Extracts And Summaries From "A Thousand Million Pounds" by W.E. Bleloch and A.E. O'Flaherty.
Published by the South African National Party, detailing the forces behind the country's political and economic unravelling in the late 19th/20th centuries. Already on the internet as an OCR-only text. Prepared from the JPEGs at but in this case they were of marginal quality and difficult to upgrade so there is also the searchable text underneath the page images and the original JPEGs themselves can be found at:

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(8) U.S.Congress-JudiciaryCeeSubCtee-ProtocolsOfZionAFabricated'Historic'Document(1964).pdf
7pp. 753KB.

Resolved, That the attached document entitled "Protocols of the Elders of Zion—A Fabricated 'Historic' Document," be approved as a report of the Internal Security Subcommittee to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and that it be printed.
It is impossible for a fairminded person of any commonsense not to see that the "Protocols" are the fictional product of a warped mind and that for years they have been and still are the chief staple of the anti-Jewish pamphleteer."

For a different view of "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" see introductory notes to the Marsden 1934 edition ((xxvii) below) or Miscellanea_Judaica_#02, item: Dr.KarlBergmeister-TheJewishWorldConspiracy_TheProtocolsBeforeTheCourtInBerne(1938).pdf

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(ii) A.H.Lane-TheHiddenHand(1938).pdf 39pp., 2.49MB.

(iii) A.H.MRamsay-TheNamelessWar(1962ed.)[rev.23July2010].pdf 119pp., 716KB.

(iv) A.J.Kolatch-TheJewishBookOfWHY(1981).pdf 333pp., 13.3MB.

(v) Chesterton - The New Unhappy Lords 223pp., 8.92MB.

(vi) AndreDiky-JewsInRussiaAndInTheUSSR(OCR+img).pdf (325pp., 35.5MB)

(vii) Chesterton & Leftwich - The Tragedy Of Anti-Semitism 295pp., 12.2MB.

(viii) Dr. Hermann Greife - Slave Labor In Soviet Russia 63pp., 8.41MB.

(ix) EustaceMullins-Mullins'NewHistoryOfTheJews(1968).pdf 156pp., 7.28MB.

(x) EustaceMullins-TheCurseOfCanaan(1987).pdf 151 pp., 1.8MB.

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(xiv) JacobElonConner-ChristWasNotAJew(1936)_v.1.pdf 128pp., 853KB.

(xv) Jane-Birdwood--The-Longest-Hatred--An-Examination-Of-Anti--Gentilism-1991.pdf 24pp., 319KB.

(xvi) Joseph_M._Canfield--The_Incredible_Scofield_And_His_Book[1988][OCR_v.1.0].pdf 323pp., 16.7MB.

(xvii) KarlMarx-AWorldWithoutJews.pdf 64pp., 2.27MB.

(xviii) Master_Race total 8.95MB, comprising:
DocumentedProof-JewsBehindRaceMixing.pdf (16pp.);
MichaelHigger-TheJewishUtopia(1932).pdf (135pp.); R.H.Williams-TheUltimateWorldOrder(1957)(InMichaelHigger-'TheJewishUtopia'[1932]).pdf (77pp.);
R.H.Williams-TheUltimateWorldOrder(1957)(InRe-M.Higger-'TheJewishUtopia'[1932])[OCR_only].pdf (76pp.).

(xix) Maurice.Pinay-The.Plot.Against.The.Church(1962).pdf 601pp., 3.51MB.

(xx) M.G.Gamoran-The_NEW_JewishHistory-Book3(1957).pdf 383pp., 17.9MB.

(xxi) M. Ross - Christianity -vs- Judeo-Christianity 33pp., 1.80MB.

(xxii) Rev.Frank.Woodruff.Johnson(Elizabeth.Dilling)-TheOctopus(1940).pdf 259pp., 11.6MB.

(xxiii) ShlomoSand-IotJP(OCRd) 22.3MB, comprising:
ShlomoSand-TheInventionOfTheJewishPeople(2009).txt (unformatted plain text).
ShlomoSand-TheInventionOfTheJewishPeople(2009)[OCR].pdf (341pp.)

(xxiv) UN - United Nations Charter 263pp., 13.2MB + 24pp., 622KB + 7pp., 96.5KB.

(xxv) US_Congress 5.26MB, comprising:
1940-Rep.Thorkelson-USACongressionalReport[Img].pdf (28pp.)
1940-Thorkelson-USCongressionalRecord-76thCongress3rdSession-British-Israelism_NWO_Jews.pdf (28pp.)

(xxvi) US_Congress-appendices 8pp., 1.20MB.

(xxvii) VictorE.Marsden-ProtocolsOfZion(1934).pdf 303pp., 11.1MB.

(xxviii) WW2 - Internment - Reg. 18B - Domvile 165pp., 6.83MB + 18pp., 274KB.

From A.K. Chesterton's "The New Unhappy Lords" (supra), Chapter XXIV:

"...Had we of the Gentile nations stood firm in defence of our own traditions and values, instead of cravenly capitulating, the Jews would have remained what they ought to be—a small sect living contentedly and at peace with their neighbours, exercising neither national nor international power and entertaining no inordinate ambitions. That, as I wrote at the outset, is how most of them actually do live. That a minority of them has been able to mount such a stupendous drive for world power is not their fault but ours alone, and it is we who must put things to rights—or perish. The way to put things right is not to engage in "hate campaigns" (which in any event more often than play into Jewish hands) but to make a determined stand for our own legitimate and distinctive interests."