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The Mirror of Alchemy

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"In many ancient Books there are found many definitions of this Art, the intentions whereof we must
consider in this Chapter. For Hermes said of this Science: Alchemy is a Corporal Science simply
composed of one and by one, naturally conjoining things more precious, by knowledge and effect, and
converting them by a natural commixtion into a better kind. A certain other said: Alchemy is a Science,
teaching how to transform any kind of metal into another: and that by a proper medicine, as it appeared
by many Philosophers' Books. Alchemy therefore is a science teaching how to make and compound a
certain medicine, which is called Elixir, the which when it is cast upon metals or imperfect bodies, does
fully perfect them in the very projection."

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"The Mirror of Alchemy, composed by the famous Friar, Roger Bacon"