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Miracle Mineral Supplement-Chlorine Dioxide

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"Table of Contents
Copyright Notice --------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 1
What this book is about ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 3
Foreword written by Dr. Romero ----------------------------------------------- Page 5
Chapter 1. The Discovery --------------------------------------------------- Page 1 – 1
The story of the trip into the jungle where the workers caught malaria
and the resulting discovery of the basic cure for malaria.
Chapter 2. Further Development of the MMS ------------------------- Page 2 – 1
Tells how Africans in Tanzania helped further develop the Miracle Mineral
Supplement (MMS) over the Internet using email communication.
Chapter 3. Stabilized Oxygen, MMS, and a Contract --------------- Page 3 – 1
Tells about the contract that didn’t work and begins to give technical
details of the MMS. There is a technical explanation for Stabilized
Chapter 4. Dr. Moses Flomo Sr. an Africa Herb Doctor ---------- Page 4 – 1
With permission from the government of Guinea in West Africa, Dr. Flomo
sets up shop and is eventually responsible for curing over 2000 cases of
Chapter 5. Kenya East Africa ---------------------------------------------- Page 5 – 1
The author travels to a Mission in Kenya where he treats over 1000 cases
of malaria and many other diseases.
Chapter 6. Uganda East Africa -------------------------------------------- Page 6 – 1
More than 500 patients are treated for malaria and other diseases in the
Life Link Medical Clinic that is part of a Mission there.
Chapter 7. Continuing Story of the MMS ----------------------------- Page 7 – 1
The Author deals with the World Health Organization, and Chino travels to
Sierra Leone to treat friends and neighbors of his family.
Chapter 8. Malawi East Africa --------------------------------------------- Page 8 - 1
The Author as part of the Malaria solution Foundation conducts successful
clinical trials concerning malaria in prison.
Chapter 9. Understanding the MMS ------------------------------------- Page 9 – 1
An explanation of how and why the MMS works. The Malawi government
conducts a successful clinical trial using the MMS to cure malaria. Some
information is given about the FDA."