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mindpersuasion Subliminal Programming mkultra Mind Control (2016)

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mindpersuasion Subliminal Programming mkultra Mind Control (2016) Most of these files are seven minutes in length only, but that's good enough, since the same suggestions are being repeated over and over anyway. Just set your player to loop or repeat mode. Please bear in mind that there are two layers of subliminals here, the somewhat audible ones, and then the inaudible standard posthuman hexagon hive mind programming for you robots out there. AAC 128kbit Astral Projection - OOBE - Separate Mind And Body - Remote Influence.m4a Become Physically Unbeatable in All You Do - Subliminal Sports Mastery.m4a Become World Famous With Hypnotic Programming - Crowds Bow Before You - 256 Voices.m4a Communicate With The Spirit World - 256 Voices - Be Careful!.m4a Dual Induction Hypnosis For Relaxation - Quick Brain Escape.m4a Entrepreneur Programming - Become A Business Genius.m4a Financial Genius - Trading Wizard - Get Rich With Subliminal Messages.m4a Generate Luck With Powerful Subliminal Programming - Universal Synchronicity.m4a Generate Massive Amounts of Intelligence, Creativity And Memory - 256 Voices.m4a Generate Real Magic With Subconscious Programming Power - Unleash The Force Of YOU.m4a Immortality - Eternal Youth - Cell Regeneration - 256 Voices of Power Health Love.m4a Law Of Attraction Congruence Generator - Remove Obstacles To Effortless Attraction.m4a Law of Attraction Hypnosis - Mind Persuasion.m4a Lucid Dreaming - Program Your Mind To Program Your Dreams - Subliminal Messages for Dream Power.m4a Perfect Health - Unlimited Happiness - Subliminal Messages and Subconscious Programming.m4a Powerful Subliminals For Positive Thinking and Massive Psychic Love.m4a Psi Generator - Subliminal Programming To Unleash Your Psychic Powers.m4a Subconscious Health Generator - Powerful Subliminal Messages For Perfect Health.m4a Subliminal Fat Loss - Lose Weight From The Inside of Your Brain To Your Outer Ripped Surface.m4a Subliminal Genius Programming - Explode Your Intelligence.m4a Subliminal Happiness Programming - Smile From The Inside Out.m4a Subliminal Messages and Embedded Sounds to Generate Remote Viewing and OOBE.m4a Subliminal Messages For Deep Subconscious Prosperity Programming.m4a Subliminal Money Mind Blast - Increase Prosperity With Hypnosis.m4a Subliminal Programming To Destroy Fear and Live Abundantly.m4a Subliminal Programming To Develop Your Magical Wizard Skills.m4a Synchronicity - Connect With The Super Conscious To Be Where You Need To Be.m4a Telekinesis with Subliminal Programming - 256 Voices.m4a Visualize Like A Genius - See and Create The Future In Your Mind.m4a AAC 192kbit 100K Per Month - Blast Away Limitations And Earn Your Birthright!.m4a Absolute Condition - Godlike Strength, Reflexes and Healing.m4a Accept Criticism - Love Yourself No Matter What - Increase Self Confidence.m4a Ace Every Exam - Soak Up Information Like A Sponge And Easily Remember Anything.m4a Achieve Inner Peace with Consistent Follow Through - Take Action and Get Results.m4a ADD Relief - Dual Brain - Split Hemisphere Stimulation.m4a Affirmation Accelerator - Enhance All Positive Affirmations.m4a Affirmation Supercharger - Accelerate The Acceptance Of Positive Suggestions.m4a Age Regression - Body Gets Younger - Mind Becomes Smarter.m4a Age Reversal - Wisdom and Experience Plus Youth And Vitality.m4a All Your Prayers Answered - God Takes Care of You.m4a Assertive Power - Stand Up To Bullies Everywhere.m4a Attention and Focus - SMR Brainwaves Beta ⁄ Alpha.m4a Automatic Improvement - Program Your Subconscious To Get Better Every Day in Every Way.m4a Beat Depression - Dual Brain - Multi Level Brainwaves To Shake Out The Blues.m4a Become Indestructible - Thrive In Any Environment - Withstand Any Force.m4a Bestselling Writer - Express Your Creative Genius and Become Rich and Famous.m4a Boost The Law Of Attraction By Generating Internal Congruence.m4a Brain Clear - Ramping Sounds, Noise and Isochronic Tones.m4a Brain Fade To Sleep - Brain Wave Ramp With Decreasing Tonal Feng Shui Bells.m4a Burn Belly Fat - Lose Weight With Subliminal Messages - Fat Burning Furnace -256 Voices.m4a Business Genius - Millionaire Entrepreneur - Turn Ideas Into Mountains of Cash.m4a Coffee Buzz - Turbo Charge Your Brain With Binaural Love.m4a Cold Calling Killer - Make Millions On The Phone With Relentless Selling Skills.m4a Communicate With Angels - Spiritual Support - Powerful Guardian Angel Energy.m4a Consistent Improvement In All Areas Of Life - Every Day In Every Way You Get Better And Better.m4a Conversational Dominance - Win Over Huge Crowds - Never Lose Arguments.m4a Crown Chakra - Spiritual Bliss - Access Universal Mind.m4a Da Vinci Effect - Awaken Your Natural Born Genius.m4a Defeat Aliens - Stop Abductions - Repel Invasions - Fight For Freedom.m4a Depression Killer - Left Hemisphere Stimulation - Right Hemisphere Soothing.m4a Destroy All Fear - Embrace and Conquer Life - Live Purposefully - Go Big.m4a DNA Activation - Unleash Your Full Genetic Power - Evolve Into Your Higher Self.m4a Dream Job - Get Paid What You’re Worth - Turn Skills Into Income.m4a Ego Killer - Become Impervious To The Opinion Of Others.m4a Energetic Protection - Repulse Negative Spirits and Energy With Infinite Force of Good.m4a Enter The Zone - Accelerate The Flow State With Powerful Binaurals.m4a Fearless - Own Your Life - Live With Maximum Confidence.m4a Fearless Explorer - Boldly Blast Through Life and Conquer All You See.m4a Fibromyalgia - Chronic Pain Relief - Headache Relief - Relaxing Meditation.m4a Forgive Parents - Subliminal Messages; Release The Past And Embrace Your Future.m4a Free Will - Manipulation Free - Self Guided Thinking.m4a Freelance Your Way To Riches - Make Huge Piles Of Cash From Your Skills.m4a Friendship Generator - Attract Good Friends Like A Magnet.m4a Gamma Focus - Focus, Concentration and Memory Enhancement.m4a Genius Creativity - Problem Solving Madness - Think WAY Outside The Box.m4a Genius Programming - IQ Blast - Subliminal Programming To Unleash Creativity.m4a Go Getter - Relentless Motivation - Unstoppable Desire.m4a God Power - Connect With The Divine - Spiritual Bliss.m4a Gold Generator - Find Gold And Silver Everywhere.m4a Gorgeous Singing Voice - Become Famous With Your Skills.m4a Hair Growth - Top Your Noggin With A Gorgeous Mane.m4a Healthy Cholesterol - Balance Eating and Blood Chemistry.m4a Heart Chakra - Open Yourself To Love And Appreciation.m4a Hemispheric Integration - Brain Balance - Increase Intelligence and Intuition.m4a Hero’s Journey - Become Unstoppable In Your Quest For Greatness - Live Your Destiny.m4a HGH Generation - Stay Young and Healthy - Massive Energy - Powerful Mind.m4a High Alpha - Low Theta Brainwaves For Concentration and Focus - Perfect For Studying.m4a How To Develop Effective Communication Skills.m4a How To Easily Increase Your IQ In Only Five Minutes A Day.m4a How to Imply and Leverage The Power of Social Proof To Increase Your Persuasion and Influence.m4a How To Sell Anything To Anybody In Four Simple Steps.m4a Ideal Job - Attract The Perfect Job For Your Skills.m4a In Demand Speaker - Make Millions From Your Speeches.m4a Income Stream Generator - Subliminal Programming - Money Mind - 256 Voices.m4a Increase GPA - Low To High Beta To Increase Cognition.m4a Increase Verbal Skills - Brain Balancing To Stimulate Verbal Acuity.m4a Infinite Income - Every Day Your Income Streams Get Bigger and Bigger.m4a Infinite Intelligence - Connect With Super Conscious Mind - Tap Into Unlimited Power.m4a Infinite Skills - Unleash Your Genius Learner And Master Anything.m4a Inside Secrets of Covert Mind Control.m4a Insomnia Killer - Alpha To Deep Delta - Brain Fade To Sleep.m4a Instant Rapport - Unconsciously Create Powerful Connections For Effective Communication.m4a Instantaneous Connection - Instantly Create Deep Feelings Of Trust, Rapport and Openness.m4a Job Offer - Get Hired - High Income - New Skills - Interview Magic.m4a Linguistic Genius - Vocabulary Wizard - Elegant Speaker.m4a Live Without Sleep - Stay Awake and Alert As Long As You Like.m4a LOA Turbo - Accelerate Your Manifesting Results.m4a Lottery Winner - Tap Super Conscious Mind And Super Charge Your Luck.m4a Lucid Dreams - Program Your Mind To Play While You Sleep.m4a Lucky Life - Blessed By The Goddess Of Luck In All Areas Of Life.m4a Master of Time - Control The Flow of Time - Faster or Slower.m4a Master Sorcerer - Tap Ancient Secrets For Unlimited Power.m4a Math Genius - Unleash Your Brilliance - Solve All Problems Quickly and Easily.m4a Meditation Sounds - Rain, Various Bowls 4 Hz Theta.m4a Meditation Sounds - Theta Backed Sounds 30 Min.m4a Meditations For Manifesting - Theta Brainwaves With Guided Breathing and Creation.m4a Mental Steroids - Massive Energy - Massive Muscle - Massive Mind Power.m4a Mental Toughness - Obliterate Verbal Opposition - Thrive Under Pressure.m4a Mind Clearing - Hemisphere Integration - Shake Loose Negativity.m4a Mind Control - Project Thoughts Into The Minds of Others.m4a Money Intelligence - Blast Away Money Fears and Become A Money Genius.m4a Musical Genius - Master All Instruments And Play Flawlessly.m4a Natural Artist - Share Your Genius Creativity With The World.m4a Natural Writer - Program Your Subconscious To Become A Best Selling Novelist.m4a Non Neediness - Release Worry and Dependence - Open To Abundance.m4a OCD Relief - Release Unhealthy Mental and Physical Obsessions.m4a Outgoing Social Charisma - Become A Social Magnet.m4a Pass Every Test - Photographic Memory - Learning Genius.m4a Peak Brain - Maximize Your Intellectual Potential.m4a Peak Human - Maximize Your Potential - Blast Away Limitations.m4a Perfect Eyesight - See Perfectly - 20-20 Vision.m4a Perfect Health - All Systems In Healthy Harmony.m4a Perfect Health - Rapid Recovery - Overcome Illness - Mental and Physical Health.m4a Perfect Teeth - Develop A Perfect Attractive Smile With Subliminal Power.m4a Photographic Memory - Release Your Genius - Eidetic Memory Power.m4a Positive Thinking - Control Your Thoughts Control Your Life.m4a Positive Thinking - Subliminal Love Blast - Always Stay On Top.m4a Post Study Session - Implant Newly Learned Material Into Long Term Memory.m4a Powerful Immune System - Blast Away Illness and Disease - Perfect Health.m4a Proactive - Destroy Procrastination - Get It Done.m4a Programming Genius - Master All Computer Languages.m4a Protection From Evil - Banish All Malevolent Spirits and Entities.m4a Psychic Future Predictions - Read and Understand Events Before They Happen.m4a Psychic Power - Develop ESP, Clairvoyance And Telepathic Projection.m4a Psycho Acoustic Sounds - Open To Spirits - Electronic Voice Phenomena.m4a Public Speaking Magic - Powerful Speaker - Mesmerize Crowds.m4a Pure Theta - Ideal For Mind Clearing, Visualization or Simple Relaxation.m4a Rap God II - Spit Rhymes and Get Paid.m4a Reality Generator - Instantly Manifest Your Desires - Powerful Subliminals - 256 Voices.m4a Relaxing Meditation Music - Deep Delta With Thought Bending Sounds.m4a Release Resistance - Embrace Life Love Wealth Health.m4a Relentless Ambition - Your Burning Desire To Create Greatness.m4a Remote Viewing - Observe and Project Thoughts At A Distance.m4a Rich and Powerful - Unlimited Wealth and World Domination Are Yours.m4a Rich Famous Blogger - Make Your Mark With Your Magnificent Blogging Skills.m4a Root Chakra - Kundalini Activator - Awaken Your Higher Self.m4a Sacral Chakra - Boost Sexual Magnetism and Charisma.m4a Self Acknowledgement - Accept Appreciate and Love Yourself.m4a Self Discipline - Focused and Committed - Create Anything.m4a Self Esteem Generator - Accept Respect and Love Yourself - Be Happy Anywhere Anytime.m4a Shadow Energy - Release The Negative Spirits Within - Deep Delta Psycho Acoustic Sounds.m4a Sharp Wit - Become Unbeatable In Verbal Throwdowns.m4a Shyness Killer - Blast Away Social Anxiety - Feel Comfortable In Crowds.m4a Social Intelligence - Read The Air and Understand What’s Unspoken.m4a Social Safety - Feel At Ease and At Home In Crowds and with Strangers.m4a Solar Plexus Chakra - Unstoppable Self Confidence.m4a Speed Reader - Blaze Through Any Written Material And Remember Everything.m4a Spiritual Cleansing - Remove Entities, Limiting Beliefs and Psychological Parasites.m4a Square Breathing - Guided Deep Breathing Exercise For Inner Awareness.m4a Story Teller - Spin Fascinating Tales And Capture Their Attention.m4a Study Music - Gamma Brainwaves For Natural Focus and Easy Retention.m4a Sub Delta - Deep Brainwaves For Sleep, Meditation Or OOBE.m4a Sub Delta Meditation - Deeply Soothing Sounds.m4a Super Genius - Unleash Your Einstein Brain and Save The World.m4a Super Human Intelligence - Unlock Your Inner Genius - Develop Your Super Brain.m4a Super Learning Genius - Photographic Memory - IQ Explosion - Unlimited Intelligence.m4a Super Speed - Become Faster Than Sight - Think And Act With Blazing Quickness.m4a Taller - Unleash The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.m4a Telekinesis - Move Objects With Your Mind.m4a Teleportation - Travel By Mind Power.m4a The Grey Elephant From Denmark Trick - Step by Step Instructions.m4a The Power Of Now - Maximize And Appreciate Every Precious Moment.m4a Think and Grow Rich - Install the Entire Book Into Your Brain In Three Minutes!.m4a Third Eye Chakra - Imagination, Intuition, Wisdom.m4a Thirty Minutes Of Deep Delta Relaxation - Stress Buster.m4a Throat Chakra - Open Up Your Powerful Communication Skills.m4a Turbo Charge Metabolism - Blast Away Belly Fat - Get A Six Pack.m4a Ultimate Lover - Radiate Love And Appreciation And Generate Happiness Everywhere.m4a Unbreakable Boundaries - Easily And Naturally Assert Your Boundaries To Anybody.m4a Unlimited Endurance - Tap Vast Resources Of Energy and Stamina.m4a Unstoppable Willpower - Achieve Any Goal - Complete Any Task.m4a Verbal Ninja - Win All Arguments - Defeat All Objections - Persuade Anybody of Anything.m4a VIP - Attract Love, Admiration and Respect Everywhere You Go.m4a Warrior - Blast Through Obstacles - Consistent Victory.m4a Wealthy Husband - Attract The Perfect Man For Your Wealthy Life.m4a Weight Loss Willpower - Love Healthy Food - Love Exercise - Perfect Body Creation.m4a Win Big With Slot Machines - Mind Bending Lucky Subliminals.m4a Win Every Competition - Achieve Resounding Victory - Never Lose Again.m4a World Class Scientist - Master All Sciences - Save The World.m4a World Famous Actor - Become In Demand, Famous, and Dominate Hollywood.m4a You Deserve - Love Life Happiness Prosperity.m4a AAC 192kbit 48kHz A Step by Step Guide to The NLP Swish Pattern For Removing Fears and Other Unwanted Emotions.m4a Adrenaline Rush - Blast Away Laziness - Get Energized.m4a Athletic Domination - Excel In All Sports - Conquer All Opponents.m4a Break Through Forces of Black Magic And Claim Your Destiny.m4a Celebrity Beauty - Radiate Gorgeous Magnetic Love Everywhere.m4a Control Fear - Turn False Fear Into Power - Respect Real Danger.m4a Deep Delta - One Hour Relaxing Brainwaves - Turn On And Check Out.m4a Deep Pulsating Delta Brainwaves To Generate Astral Projection, Remote Viewing and OOBE.m4a Early Riser - Blast Out Of Bed With Super Human Motivation.m4a Emotional Freedom - Release Your Past - Accept Your Grace.m4a Extrovert Generator - Break Out Of Your Shell And Become The Life of the Party.m4a Gamma - 40Hz Binaural Beats For Intense Focus, Concentration And Cognitive Improvement.m4a Genius Copywriter - Write Your Way To Riches With Persuasive.m4a Healthy Habits - Mental Physical Spiritual Health - Awakened Life.m4a HGH Generator - Deep Delta To Create HGH - Muscle Recovery - Immune Boost - Pain Relief.m4a Immune System Boost - Fight Illness and Disease With Isochronic Tones.m4a Income Instinct - Develop A Sixth Sense For Money, Prosperity, and Wealth.m4a Inner Peace - Release Conflict - Sync to Super Conscious Mind.m4a Life Force - Infinite Power Love Kindness - Energetic Center.m4a Light Speed - Become The Fastest Human On Earth.m4a Lucid Dreaming Trainer - In And Out Of Sleep - Control Your Dreams.m4a Maximum Muscle Growth - Stronger and Leaner Every Day.m4a Miracle Generator - Open Yourself To Receive The Abundance Of The Universe.m4a Past Lives - Receive Wisdom From Past Life Experiences.m4a Real Estate Riches - Make Your Fortune Regardless Of The Economy.m4a Relaxing Brain Fade - 5 Hz Theta Binaural With Background Music.m4a Schumann Resonance - Resonate With Earth - In Touch With Higher Self.m4a Shape Shifter - Change Your Body At Will - Avoid Detection.m4a Superconscious Mind - Tap Into Universal Information - Past Future Present.m4a Unforgettable - Leave A Lasting Impression On Everybody You Meet.m4a Unlimited Efficiency and Productivity - Finish Your Work Quickly And Perfectly.m4a Unlimited Faith and Belief - Trust In Creator For Manifesting.m4a Unrestrained - Do, Learn, Overcome, Accomplish, Accept ANYTHING.m4a Unwavering Focus - Develop Super Human Clarity and Attention.m4a Winner - Dominate In All Things - Business - Sports - Romance.m4a tags: subliminal, mind control, mkultra, posthuman, hive mind, personality, psychology, psychotherapy, health, mind
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Ryba, you didn't put in any of the subliminals, did you? Do all the subliminals on the market have MKUltra hexagonal subs in them? Have you detected these yourself?