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Mind Field (Complete Seasons 1-2)

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File Duration Resolution Video Format Audio Format
MindField.s01e01.Isolation.mkv 34m45s 1920x1080 AVC AC-3
MindField.s01e02.Conformity.mkv 23m9s 1920x1080 AVC AC-3
MindField.s01e03.Destruction.mkv 25m34s 1920x1080 AVC AC-3
MindField.s01e04.ArtificialIntelligence.mkv 24m59s 1920x1080 AVC AC-3
MindField.s01e05.FreedomOfChoice.mkv 22m25s 1920x1080 AVC AC-3
MindField.s01e06.Touch.mkv 21m35s 1920x1080 AVC AC-3
MindField.s01e07.InYourFace.mkv 24m33s 1920x1080 AVC AC-3
MindField.s01e08.DoYouKnowYourself.mkv 25m47s 1920x1080 AVC AC-3
MindField.s02e01.TheGreaterGood.mkv 34m37s 1920x1072 AVC AAC
MindField.s02e02.ThePsychedelicExperience.mkv 33m17s 1920x1072 AVC AAC
MindField.s02e03.Interrogation.mkv 32m6s 1920x1072 AVC AAC
MindField.s02e04.YourBrainOnTech.mkv 27m30s 1920x1072 AVC AAC
MindField.s02e05.HowToMakeAHero.mkv 30m15s 1920x1072 AVC AAC
MindField.s02e06.ThePowerOfSuggestion.mkv 28m48s 1920x1072 AVC AAC
MindField.s02e07.DivergentMinds.mkv 26m12s 1920x1072 AVC AAC
MindField.s02e08.TheElectricBrain.mkv 27m43s 1920x1072 AVC AAC

Join Michael Stevens on a journey into the mysterious depths of the human psyche as he investigates the strange and surprising terrain of the Mind Field.