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Mind Control and Manipulation demonoid archive

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This isn't my torrent, this is an old torrent from demonoid (R.I.P.) but it is excellent and therefore I simply have to reseed it here. It is rather chaotic and badly structured, so it's pretty obvious that I didn't do it ;-) By the way, I used to have some excellent torrents over at demonoid. But then, as you know, the site was murdered by the criminal elite of our fascist-marxist masonic-jesuit police-state, and for this alone I shall hate them forever. Shall we call it information-terrorism? If you want to know what's in the torrent, then have a look at the file list below. It's resources are simply endless. Just use it as a library and use what you need. It will take you a lifetime to absorb all of it. I really would like to meet the guy who has created it (not me, nor my alter ego). Because the number of files is so huge, I've created two DVD ISO files to be burnt on two DVDs - or one BD.

Mind Control Torrent DVD 1:

Artificial Intelligence
Bioethics & Eugenics
DARPA's iXo Control Grid - MAX.avi
E-Weapons & Other
GNN (2002) - Most Dangerous Game, Mark Phillips
Horizon Human v2.mp4
Implant Technology
Lilly Wave
MKULTRA in Canada (Drugs, Torture, Mind-Control).mpg

Mind Control Torrent DVD 2:

Nick Begich
Russian Research
Scientific American
Sound & Communications
Technospy Documentary (Mind-Control - Voices-Into-Head - NWO).avi