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Militia Training and Education Books Collections updated 2014

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If you are able and over the age of 18 in the US, you are a member of the Constitutional (Part II) Militia. Here are books covering nearly all aspects of your education as armed citizens.

Download all of them, burn them to disc, and share them with other members. Do your part to help safeguard your neighbors, your community, and the US Constitution.

Topics deal with marksmanship, tactical shooting skills, communication, medical assistance, movement of formations and squads, tactics, command, communication, intelligence, ammunition, sniper skills and camouflage, breaching, rifle manuals, maps, and much more.

Some of the books deal with equipment and materials the typical part II militia member will not have. However, bear in mind that part II militia may be required to operate alongside part I militia which is so equipped. Therefore, understanding of these subjects is undeniably desirable.


No. 1 -- Field manuals and training manuals, Part A

No. 2 -- Field manuals and training manuals, Part B

No. 3 -- Govt. Books for Militia Instruction etc., Part A

No. 4 -- Govt. Books for Militia Instruction etc., Part B

No. 5 -- Govt. Books for Militia Instruction etc., Part C

No. 6 -- Govt. Books for Militia Instruction etc., Part D
--Emphasis on the long history of the Part II Militia, and government published training books specifically dedicated to the Militia.

No. 7 -- Ballistics Tables, Other Books, and Addendum

No. 8 -- Fallout Shelters

No. 9 -- Snipers

No. 10 -- Survival and Relocation

No. 11 -- Wilderness Medicine

You will find in these books, that one of the most common criticisms about the Part II Militia, is that higher knowledge is needed about tactics and strategy. So get cracking!

For detailed information on book titles see NFO File or File List below