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Miles Mathis's Reality Check

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I'm quite sure that all the downloaders at this site have wondered (I know I have) just how far down the rabbit hole really goes and how many layers of fraud there are to peel away. Love him or hate him, believe him or scoff at him, Miles Mathis poses some very interesting questions and offers some interesting answers.

Just how fake is what we call "reality"?

These are all taken from his site:

I just converted the text to computer generated speech.

Included are the original pdf files, the epub files and the
text to speech mp3's.


separating text from audio is very tedious.

I wish they where separate.

If you knew how to use shell commands you could do it in seconds with a few keystrokes.

Give me a bit more clue. I'm using ubuntu.

mkdir mp3
mv */*mp3 mp3