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Mike Rivero-What Really Happened 19Nov2009 Commercial Free

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[font=comic]If you download this, it will brainwash you ![/font] :P

[font=comic]You can watch his webcam live by pasting the url below in your adress bar: 6pm - 8pm eastern north America[/font]

Hour One: H1N1 vaccine, EDIT: Vaccines in general, infrastructure money, taxes, economy.

Hour Two: EDIT: Minimum wage and NAU, economy, Iran, false flag Israel.

If someone knows of a link where i can know in advance what the show is about, i would appreciate it. EDIT: I am guessing that such a link does not exist. :)

Hour 1 and 2 at 32.0 Kbps

I will try and get it to you guys each day commercial free approximately 20-30 minutes after the end of the show that's:

Mon-Fri @ aprox. 8:30 pm eastern North America.
Sat @ aprox. 2:30 pm ---------------------