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Mike Rivero-What Really Happened 04Jan2010 Commercial Free

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[font=comic]Download from the mp3 links and listen. If you do not want the text file, do not download the torrent.[/font]

[font=comic]You can watch his webcam live with the link below: 6pm - 8pm eastern north America[/font]


Hour One: Stock market and the Gov, economy and the Fed, GMOs, banks and TARP program.

Download hour one here:

Hour Two: Full body scans in airports and DNA, Yemen, climategate, swine flu BS, chemicals hidden from product labels, MI5 recruiting Muslims again(crotch bomber?), conspiracy theories that are true.

Download hour two here:


hour one and two @ 64 Kbps

I will try and get it to you each day commercial free approximately 15-20 minutes after the end of the show that's:

Mon-Fri @ aprox. 8:15 pm eastern North America.
Sat @ aprox. 2:15 pm ---------------------