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Michael Collins Piper 2010.11.24

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Michael Collins Piper
November 24, 2010

For some 25 years, acting through independent American media outlets, Michael Collins Piper has been one of the most outspoken, prolific and widely-read American journalists to take a consistent stance against unquestioning U.S. support for Israel, criticizing policies advancing the New World Order that have injured American relations with the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Piper has written an estimated 4,000 news articles and feature stories, first for The Spotlight and now American Free Press (see, and for The Barnes Review history magazine (see Although many of Piper's articles focused on the Israel lobby, his work has also encompassed a wide range of affairs, including such matters as the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9-11 terrorist tragedy. Piper was the editor at The Spotlight who arranged the first-ever national publication of the now-famous "votescam" series by the late Jim and Ken Collier who revealed the existence of computerized vote-fixing at the national level involving the collaboration of the major broadcast networks.

For a sampling of Piper's recent writings and further information about the availability of his various books in ebook format, see Paperback editions of his books are available at