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This is the foundation of Stan Tenen, who sued Dan Winter for copyright violation and won a judgment against Winter. Winter's website ( was transferred to ownership of Tenen and has the documents relating to the lawsuit posted therein.

This lecture series is posted per a request in the comments on one of the Dan Winter torrents, where a discussion about the lawsuit ensued. Whether or not you are on Dan's side in this battle, this -is- the source of -some- of his information, which he admitted to in court. He doesn't deny getting the information from Meru, his defense was "fair use", that information should be freely shared, and that copyrights are "childish". So, as this is the original researcher of this info, it is definitely worth a look.


This is the Meru Foundation 5 DVD Lecture Series, available at and it includes most supplemental printed material made available at the lectures.


These lectures by Stan Tenen were recorded over a ten-year period, from 1989 through 1999.

Together, the programs present a dynamic picture of the development of Meru Foundation research.

Geometric Metaphors of Life (1989)
A Matrix of Meaning for Sacred Alphabets (1991)
The Alphabet in our Hands, Part 1 (1992)
The Alphabet in our Hands, Part 2 (1994)
Squaring the Circle (1999)


Including: The Light in the Meeting Tent
Lecture given at the 3220 Gallery in San Francisco, February 1989

"...Using 3-dimensional hand-held models, quotes from the Zohar and other mystical Jewish texts, and insights from quantum physics, Tenen takes us from his original 1968 discovery that the first letters of Genesis, when placed in a Cartesian coordinate system based on a base-3 counting system, reveal startling symmetries, to his discovery that various shadows cast by a stylized candle flame produce startlingly accurate portrayals of all of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Tenen goes on to explain what these patterns might mean and how they might offer us a guide to understanding and entering into transcendent states of consciousness." (Review from GNOSIS magazine Spring 1990.)


Lecture given at Arthur Young's Institute for the Study of Consciousness, Berkeley, CA, January 1991

Meru Foundation research proposes that the Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic letters are generated by an idealized human hand, the symbol of our self-awareness and the self-referential processes of all life.

After a brief review, this lecture presents a new logical matrix which gives meaning to each letter in Hebrew and English, and gives examples of how these letter meanings can be used to decipher word roots. Mr. Tenen suggests implications of this natural language system for our spiritual traditions, for visual, tactile, and dance meditation, and for the study of self-organizing systems including those of biology, language, physics, and cosmology.

Viewing note: This lecture, which documents important aspects of our research, was recorded under less than ideal lighting conditions, Please accept our apologies for the uneven video quality.


THE ALPHABET IN OUR HANDS, Part 1: The God of Abraham, A Mathematician's View
Lecture given at Arthur Young's Institute for the Study of Consciousness, Berkeley, CA, November 1992

From the Colloquia Schedule, 1992-1993:
"Can there be real meaning - beyond pride and apologia - when a religious tradition claims discovery of the one true God? If it is not myth and metaphor, is there a modern sense in which a spiritual text could be Truth, and if this is so, how could so audacious a claim be proven?

"Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation will present the latest results of his ongoing investigation of the Hebrew alphabet. He will demonstrate a sequence of hand gestures of an idealized hand that defines the shapes of the letters and confirms their natural and universal meaning. He then discusses the philosophical, spiritual, and practical implications of these findings."

This presentation includes and expands on Stan Tenen's essay, The God of Abraham, as published in Gnosis magazine (1993) and The Noetic Journal (Orinda, 2001), and it includes portions of The Music of Genesis computer generated directly from the sequence of letters at the beginning of the Hebrew text of Genesis by Stephen James Taylor and Stan Tenen.


THE ALPHABET IN OUR HANDS, Part 2: The Alphabet, Kabbalah and Mythology
Lecture given at Arthur Young's Institute for the Study of Consciousness, Berkeley, CA, November 1992

From the Colloquia Schedule, 1992-1993:
"Stan Tenen, Director of Research for the MERU Foundation, demonstrates how the toroidal process represents a fundamental unity both in physics and personal consciousness, how it can be understood to underlie a wide range of traditional teachings, and how it leads to an elegant, natural and universal alphabet. He demonstrates his discovery of the hand gestures that generate the Hebrew alphabet, and discusses the physical, philosophical, and personal implications of the discovery."

This DVD expands on The Alphabet in Our Hands, Part 1 (1992) and answers questions from this presentation. It includes discussion of First Hand: Canaanite and Hebrew - How the Names and Shapes of the Hebrew Letters Were Determined, by Stan Tenen published in Vol. 2, No. 4 of the MERU Foundation Newsletter, TORUS.


SQUARING THE CIRCLE: The One and the Many; Mind and World
Lecture given at the 3220 Gallery in San Francisco, March 1999

Scholars are not certain how the riddle of squaring the circle – with only a straight edge and a compass – was understood in the ancient world. Most believe Greek mathematicians did not know that the problem is not possible to solve exactly. Other scholars believe that squaring the circle was a way of teaching about philosophical concepts based on geometric thinking. Tenen demonstrates that the Hebrew alphabet solves the riddle.

Posing the riddle of squaring the circle resolves the riddle of the Bible’s lost universal language.

Squaring the circle expresses the transcendental relationship between radius and circumference. It also represents the relationship between the ONE and the MANY; and between the MIND and the WORLD.

In spiritual metaphor, the Infinite EXTENT of the ONE-Lord in consciousness IS the Infinite EXPANSE of the WHOLE-God in the world.


Any chance someone has this available to reseed?