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The Men Who Killed Kennedy (mp4)

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A detailed examination of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, with emphasis on the discrepancies and inconsistencies in the government's official version of events.


The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a United Kingdom ITV video documentary series by Nigel Turner about the John F. Kennedy assassination. Originally broadcast in 1988 in two parts (with a subsequent studio discussion), it was rebroadcast in 1991 re-edited to three parts with additional material, and a fourth episode added in 1995. The addition of three further episodes in 2003 caused great controversy, particularly in the final episode implicating Lyndon Johnson, and the withdrawal of these additional episodes.

Episode list:

The first two episodes were followed by "The Story Continues" (16 November 1988), a critical studio discussion about them. The final episode was followed by a critical review, "The Guilty Men: A Historical Review." (7 April 2004).

1."The Coup D'Etat" (25 October 1988)
2."The Forces Of Darkness" (25 October 1988)
3."The Cover-Up" (20 November 1991)
4."The Patsy" (21 November 1991)
5."The Witnesses" (21 November 1991)
6."The Truth Shall Set You Free" (1995)
7."The Smoking Guns" (2003)
8."The Love Affair" (2003)
9."The Guilty Men" (2003)





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