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Memetic Weapons of Subliminal Seduction in Transhuman Mind Control (2015)

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Memetic Weapons of Subliminal Seduction in Transhuman Mind Control (2015) Hey guys, I'm having too much time on my hands, so I've written a little something for you. This is ultra-meaningful stuff, and it will grow on you over time. As an introduction, please listen to the lyrics in the latter part of the file "Domi_Nation - The TransHumans.m4a" and take it very seriously. This is reality disguised as fiction, this is hiding in plain sight. You expect deep secrets to be hidden very deeply and therefore you won't attribute the appropriate meaning to a piece of information if it's hiding in plain sight. It's like putting real diamonds on a chandelier or using real gold as a paper weight. In this torrent, once again but this time much more thoroughly, we're going to analyse subliminals hidden in modern music meant to program your mind, and by programming millions of minds eventually will transform the group mind of society towards a transhuman nightmare - or maybe a positive transhuman wonderland. Let us have faith in the future, but not necessarily have faith in the devil's future kingdom but rather a future based on the truly divine, not the pretended one. The principles of deception and security by obscurity happen everywhere and all the time around you, but so far you have been blind to it, to the hidden symbolic world of the elite. For example when on an album cover it says "Ministry of Sound", this isn't just a fancy title, this is what the Illuminati call "hiding in plain sight", this truly has been crafted by the secret government's "Ministry of Sound", just like in "The Ministry of Truth" in George Orwell's 1984. When it says "Army of One" on a cover, then this relates to "My name is legion, for we are many", the army of demons mentioned in the Bible during the so called end times we may be facing were soon, if you believe in such things. A massive collection of source materials is included for you to do your own research. Trust no one, trust your Self only. Question authority, think for yourself. ___ MEME ORIGIN 1970s: from Greek mimēma ‘that which is imitated’, on the pattern of gene. word trends: When Richard Dawkins coined the word meme in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, he wanted a word like gene that conveyed the way in which ideas and behaviour spread within society by non-genetic means. Since then the word has been picked up to describe a piece of information spread by email or via blogs and social networking sites. A meme can be almost anything—a joke, a video clip, a cartoon, a news story—and can also evolve as it spreads, with users editing the content or adding comments. Common collocates in the Oxford English Corpus are spread, pass, and transmit: as with the Internet sense of viral, meme uses the metaphor of disease and infection. A meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures. ___ Imagine someone develops a very ingenious piece of software, a piece of software that will be implanted in people's minds forcing them to welcome the new world order and make them worship the antichrist. Imagine that this piece of software is self-replicating, meaning that it forces its carrier to not only welcome the programming, to love being programmed but also to get engaged in programming other people and to love doing so. This software would then infect the mind just like a virus infects a living cell, forcing that cell to replicate the virus, or like a virus infecting a computer and using it to infect other computers over a network. Aren't all human beings interconnected or networked by social interaction by talking to each other, by communicating directly with each other or over cell phones or the internet? The fact that most computers are interconnected by the internet these days makes it very easy for viruses to spread from one machine to the other until eventually the entire collective of machines, the entire hive will get infected. There are no single computers anymore, but large systems of interconnected computers resulting in clouds and hives of artificial intelligence, a kind of a cyberspace group mind. Remember the Borg with their collective mind? Files: infected albums: Algorhythms Blue Moon Station Carbon Based Lifeforms Cat Soup - decay-attainment Edgeist - Interference Infect Lucifer maD & alg0rh1tm Metaprogramming - COSMIC REPLICANT Pentamerous Metamorphosis Subliminal Melancholies by Electrypnose Symbiosis The Perfect Killer EP The Transhumans Transmission 347a - R'lyeh We All Dream We Will Eliminate Without Words Without Silence ebooks: Bowart Operation Mind Control, Researcher Edition.pdf Brice Taylor Thanks for the Memories.pdf Carol Rutz A Nation Betrayed, Secret Cold War Experiments, 2001.pdf Cathy O Brien Mark Philips Trance Formation of America.pdf Chavkin Mind Stealers, Psychosurgery and Mind Control, 1978.pdf Coleman The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (2005).pdf Conversational Mind Control.pdf Dantalion Jones Perfected Mind Control, 2008.pdf Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula.pdf John Marks The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, CIA and Mind Control.pdf Megabrain - Michael Hutchison.pdf Mind Control Hypnosis by Dantalion Jones.pdf Operation Mind Control v2.pdf Operation Mind Control.pdf Psychic Dictatorship in America by Gerald B Bryan.pdf Ritual Abuse and Mind Control.pdf Silva Mind Control.pdf Sullivan Unshackled, A Survivor's Story of Mind Control.pdf The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier Cisco Wheeler.pdf The Manipulation of Mind.pdf The Silva Mind Control Method.pdf Tranceformation of America.pdf Twyman Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA.pdf Walter Bowart Operation Mind Control.pdf pics - 952 items album covers album covers et al mind control nazi eagle summoning radio Al Bielek - Montauk Mind Control Al Bielek - The Montauk Project.mp3 Russ Dizdar - Black Awakening A BILLION VICTIMS PART 5 PERPETRATORS JUSTICE.mp3 A BILLION VICTIMS_ PART 2 TYPES, JUSTICE AND MORE.mp3 A BILLION VICTIMS_ PART ONE the blood and guts, getting hammered.mp3 BILLIONS OF VICTIMS PART 3_ Types and Causes.mp3 BILLIONS OF VICTIMS PART 4 BRACE YOURSELF.mp3 BILLIONS OF VICTIMS PART SIX HOPE HELP HEALING.mp3 CONSPIRACY_ behind the scenes connecting the dots..part 1.mp3 DNA_ GODS OF SCIENCE TRANSHUMANISM AND AI....any different than Genesis 3 intruder_.mp3 EARTHERS; cover for the real plot...what I expect will happen 2012 Dec.21st.mp3 FUTURE EFFECTS PART 2 How to see into the future.mp3 FUTURE EFFECTS PART 3 How to prepare for the future.mp3 FUTURE EFFECTS PART 4 You can shape the future__.mp3 FUTURE EFFECTS PART ONE how you will be affected.mp3 Interview of a ritual abuse victim and freedom in Christ.mp3 JUST WHAT DOES SATAN HAVE TO SAY_ PART 1.mp3 NEO WARFARE QUANTUM JUMPING PART 3.mp3 NEW HUMANITY WAR_ PSYCHIC GUIDED DRONES OR WORSE PART 4.mp3 POWER ENCOUNTERS PART ONE INCEPTION.mp3 RENNES LE CHATEAU..and the spirit of antichrist, the mysterion.mp3 TRANSHUMANISM IMMORTALISM....war of GOD an armageddon level battle__.mp3 videos The Phoenix Project - Al Bielek & Vladimir Terziski.mp4 Al Bielek - Complete Autobiography, Montauk Boys and Mind Control.mp4 black awakening.mp4 tags: subliminal, mind control, music, transhuman, weapon, mkultra, psychology, Montauk, culture, art
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Thanks for your collections. The future is going to be crazy. Virtual Reality too.

I just wanted to say Thank you! to ryba777 for his time and work here.
Really, really appreciate it!

A veritable trove of information and research material here. Thank you for this compellation and collection. A wonderful share. : ) -EB

PS just FYI, so the next person doesn't have to butcher the original file names, the file tree names get REALLY long. IF copying from your DL spot to another HDD or another folder, TRY to DL/copy it into a root directory. Depending, however, you may STILL have to shorten a few file names. I had "issues" with the "Transhuman" and "infected albums" folder. (lol, not sure that the latter file folder is named appropriately for a torrent file. : P : ) Heh!) Anyway, all is good and thanks for the share. : )