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Me and Bobby Fischer

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A documentary about Bobby Fischer's experiences from 2004 when he was arrested in Japan for playing chess in Yugoslavia 12 years earlier during U.S. supported UN economic sanctions, until 2008 when he died in Iceland from kidney failure. The man who saved him from the "evil" American government was his bodyguard during the 1972 World Championship chess match against the Soviet Union, Icelandic police officer, carpenter and entertainer Sæmi Pálsson.

One of the main objectives of the documentary seems to be to get accross how he was perceived and how he perceived the world. How even his quite harmless and non-offensive views were too much for those who make their living from working for the "victims" of his most heated attacks. Despite being a sensitive man he had a strong mind -- two attributes which people find very unappealing and difficult to have around.


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Information about the man with the filthy mouth and gray hair at the end (md, neurologist, genetics, chicago, harvard, J'ish hospital, funded by swiss drug companies):,28804,1595326_1...

His main business venture is now bankrupt. Probably caused by his handlers.