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Max Igan - Trance-Formation (2012) HD 720p

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Max Igan - Trance-Formation (2012) HD 720p

This is my torrent but this excellent text has been written by juma1337 (TPB) AFAIK.


"We have created this society, not each one of us but our past generations. We have, those, and us, have created this present immoral, destructive society and we are trapped by that society. That society was made by each one of us, so we are responsible for that society. Whether, it is possible, not to change society, but is it possible to radically, deeply transform our condition, which is, understand deeply, our consciousness, which is what we are. Is it possible to transform, not into something, but to change, bring about a mutation in the very structure and nature of our consciousness. That is the problem. That is the crisis. It's not political crisis, economic crisis or the crisis of war but the crisis is in ourselves..." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

What if you could change the world by changing your perspective of it?

Would you?

"The only real danger that exists is man himself. We are the great danger and we are pitifully unaware of it. We are the origin of all coming evil..." - Carl Jung

The Earth, our home. A planet teeming with life, a place of great beauty and of great wonder. A place where ecosystem within fragile ecosystem combines to create a complex and delicately balanced web of life, a sympathetic mesh where the harmonious state of each organism is ultimately dependent upon the condition of the rest; a web in which the continued survival of each delicate strand rests entirely upon its symbiotic relationship with the environment in which it exists.

Certainly the web of life has always been a fragile one and yet for millennia, it always functioned perfectly, as everything within it held its own unique place and purpose. Within this web, also dwells mankind.

According to ancient Vedic texts, in times long passed, man too, lived in complete harmony with nature for man also held his own unique place and purpose within the web. And so it continued for countless years until there appeared upon the earth, a new mindset within the consciousness of humankind and with that mindset came a new type of organism. With that mindset, came Civilization and a system of organized rule based deeply in social structure.

How much do we truly know about the past? There are of course, a great many books that have been written on the subject by a myriad of scholars from the modern era. But how much do we really know to be true? Many books written in modern times are simply the authors interpretation of other books written previously by other scholars but regardless of what is written in any books, the truth is that all of the information we currently have about the past, is mysterious and fragmented at best.

The theories presented in history books typically offer humanity a very orderly view of the past and because these theories are presented to mankind hypnotically in printed form, most people automatically believe these concepts to be true. Yet upon further inspection, when one lifts their eyes from the printed page and looks deeper into the reality of their surroundings, quite a different picture emerges. And what about civilization itself?

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