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Masonic Conspiracy Theories! - more than a grain of truth?(Masonic Lecture)

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Freemasons Without Borders Lodge of Mark Master Masons
Masonic Conspiracy Theories have been around for many years, and I will explain how these theories have woven themselves into the everyday character of modern life, and how the Masons are blamed for everything wrong in the world, ranging from World Domination to being responsible for 9/11 and the death of Princess Diana!

I will expose what the M.o.D. advised it’s employees about Freemasonry, and how the then British Home Secretary, Jack Straw very nearly forced through an Act of Parliament compelling Freemasons to disclose their interests in Masonry, and why this attempt failed.

I will tell you about the Illuminati, who they were, why they are linked with Freemasonry and how Dan Brown brought them to life in his fictional books, thus perpetuating yet another theory.

You will find out about the link with Hamas, the Palestinian Islam group who actually mention Freemasonry in their Constitution, and how Freemasons are accredited with inventing Income Tax!

This is from a set of lectures by a Lodge of Mark Master Masons that is being formed in England that has an international membership.
It just seems to gloss over stuff that i would say people here would have a whole heck of views and knowledge of here .
Maybe they assume a certain level of knowledge or just want to mention them in passing in a dismissive way?
It just seems to me to gloss over a lot of stuff even when mentioning them.
But thought it might be of interest to the troops here.
Found listed publicly on youtube of all places.
they have a shed load of videos. watched a few of them and it's interesting to see the point of view and hear about stuff i didn't know and will now hunt out coz I am a nosey bastard!
Interested in people thought on this.


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