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Marvin Minsky - The Society of Mind (2007)

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Marvin Minsky - The Society of Mind (2007) University Lectures Marvin Minsky has made many contributions to AI, cognitive psychology, mathematics, computational linguistics, robotics, and optics. In recent years he has worked chiefly on imparting to machines the human capacity for common-sense reasoning. His conception of human intellectual structure and function is presented in two books: The Emotion Machine and The Society of Mind (which is also the title of the course he teaches at MIT). He received the BA and PhD in mathematics at Harvard (1950) and Princeton (1954). In 1951 he built the SNARC, the first neural network simulator. His other inventions include mechanical arms, hands and other robotic devices, the Confocal Scanning Microscope, the "Muse" synthesizer for musical variations (with E. Fredkin), and one of the first LOGO "turtles". A member of the NAS, NAE and Argentine NAS, he has received the ACM Turing Award, the MIT Killian Award, the Japan Prize, the IJCAI Research Excellence Award, the Rank Prize and the Robert Wood Prize for Optoelectronics, and the Benjamin Franklin Medal. audio 01 Lecture 03 Guest lecturer Doug Lenat (Class discussion only, guest presentation not included).mp3 02 Lecture 04 Attachments and goals.mp3 03 Lecture 05 From pain to suffering.mp3 04 Lecture 06 Consciousness.mp3 05 Lecture 07 Consciousness.mp3 06 Lecture 08 Levels of mental activities.mp3 07 Lecture 09 Common sense.mp3 08 Lecture 10 Thinking.mp3 09 Lecture 11 Resourcefulness.mp3 10 Lecture 12 Resourcefulness (cont.).mp3 11 Lecture 13 The self.mp3 video 04 Lecture 06 Consciousness.mp4 05 Lecture 07 Consciousness (cont.).mp4 07 Lecture 09 Common sense.mp4 09 Lecture 11 Resourcefulness.mp4 11 Lecture 13 The self.mp4 tags: mind, consciousness, cybernetics, system theory, consciousness, psychology, mathematics, AI
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