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Mark Passio - Satanic Occult Symbolism On Police and Military Uniforms

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From Anarcho Inside's Youtube:
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Secrets of The Dark Satanic Occult Exposed from FederalJacktube6's Youtube:
"On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back friend, researcher, occulted knowledge specialist, and radio show host Mark Passio. The two of them dive deep into the rabbit hole tonight to discuss the satanic dark occult forces that have their hands on the levers of power so to speak. They cover: Occulted symbolism; A detailed breakdown of what base level thinking is; The fact that these people in power call the military and police their “pets,” and why they call them that; Personal responsibility; Real world solutions to stop this evil; And what being the change really means. Make sure to tune into this amazingly insightful broadcast."

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