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Marcel Proust: A Writer's Life

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Marcel Proust: A Writer's Life

If anyone has it in their VHS or DVD collection, would you kindly share? It doesn't seem to be available anymore.

1992 version (VHS):

2004 version (DVD):

"A Writer's Life:" A 1-hour documentary film narrated by Kate Nelligan; Produced by Stone Lantern Films and Wolfe-Carter Productions. *"Marcel Proust: A Writer's Life" produced by William C. Carter. The list of full cast, with Interviewees: Shelby Foote, Iris Murdoch, Roger Shattuck, Paul Morand, Francois Mauriac, and Celeste Albaret. Consultants: Philip Kolb, Elayne Dezon-Jones, Anne Borrel, and J Theodore Johnson Jr.

This should be the one:
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