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(MAPS) (2013) 3 of 3

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) (2013) 3 of 3

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a membership-based 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization working to develop psychedelics and marijuana into legal prescription drugs. MAPS was founded in 1986 by Rick Doblin, and is now based in Santa Cruz, California.

MAPS helps scientists design, fund, and obtain regulatory approval for studies of the safety and effectiveness of a number of currently controlled substances. MAPS works closely with government regulatory authorities worldwide such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) to ensure that all of its sponsored research protocols conform to ethical and procedural guidelines for clinical drug research. Included in MAPS’ research efforts are MDMA (Ecstasy) for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), LSD and psilocybin for the treatment of anxiety, cluster headaches, and depression associated with end-of-life issues, ibogaine for the treatment of opiate addiction, and alternative delivery systems for medical marijuana such as vaporizers and water pipes. MAPS states that their ultimate goal is to establish a network of clinics where these and other treatments can be provided together with other therapies under the guidance of licensed physicians and therapists.[1]

In addition to its sponsorship of scientific research, MAPS organizes continuing medical education (CME) conferences, sponsors and gives lectures and seminars on the current state of psychedelic and medical marijuana research, participates in community events like music festivals and Burning Man, and publishes a quarterly Bulletin with updates about its ongoing research efforts, legal struggles, and educational initiatives. MAPS has also published a number of books dealing with the history and culture of psychedelic medicine and psychedelic therapy.[2]


Video List:

* Repositioning Psychedelics in the Public Mind - Brad Burge, Arianne Cohen, and Lakshmi Narayan
* Results of the Long-Term Outcomes Study of Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico - Thomas Kingsley Brown
* Rick Doblin - Developing Psychedelics Into Prescription Medicines
* Rick Doblin - Will Psychedelic Medicine Transform Culture
* San Francisco Veterans Affairs - Treating PTSD with MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy
* Santo Daime in Europe_ Ritual Transfer and Cultural Translations - Jan Weinhold
* Scientific Problem Solving with Psychedelics - James Fadiman
* State of the Stone 2013_ Drugs of the Future, Now - Earth and Fire Erowid
* Systematic Methods of Exploring Psychedelic Experiences - F. Echenhofer, T. Samiy, & M. Spalding
* The Beckley Foundation's Program of Psychedelic Research - Amanda Feilding
* The Beckley-Imperial Psychedelic Research Program - David Nutt
* The Economics of Ayahuasca - Ken Tupper
* The Effects of Ayahuasca Rituals on Gay's and Lesbian's Self Perception - Clancy Cavnar
* The Essence of Psychedelic Therapy - Peter Oehen
* The Expansion of Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions_ Law, Culture, and Locality - Kevin Feeney
* The Implications of Consciousness Research for Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy - Stan Grof
* The Interface Between Drug Addiction and Traditional Amazonian Medicine - Jacques Mabit
* The NYU Training Program for Psychedelic Psychotherapy - Jeffrey Guss
* The Phenomenology and Sequelae of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy_ A Pilot Study - Genesee Herzberg
* The Potential of Ayahuasca Use for the Treatment of Substance Dependencies - Anya Loizaga-Velder
* The Psychedelic Apprentice - Andrew Feldmar
* The Use of LSD, Psilocybin, and Bromo-LSD for the Treatment of Cluster Headaches - Torsten Passie
* The Varieties of Ketamine Experience - Phil Wolfson
* Themes From Patients' Experiences in the NYU Psilocybin Cancer Anxiety Study - Anthony Bossis
* Thomas Kingsley Brown - Ibogaine-Assisted Treatment for Opiate Addiction
* Transforming Medicine - Psychedelic Science 2013 Mini-Documentary
* Updates on MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD Studies_ Research from Around the World
* Uses of Psychedelics in Shamanism and Psychotherapy - Ralph Metzner
* What Can Buddhist Meditation Teach Us About Psychedelic Science_ - Katherine MacLean
* Why People Climb Mountains - Doug Robinson