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The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems Volume II (1990)

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Genre: Free Energy
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited
Language: English
Format: PDF

Compiler and Editor, Donald Kelly, describes the viability of each "Free Energy" device from Nikola Tesla to present. Also metnioned are the various spin-off inventions as a result of "free energy" research. This book includes copies of patents, diagrams, illustrations and notes of the many people involved in free-energy research. Many photographs and illustrations are included.


I have been doing amateur research about Free Energy in the last 20 years. Already have a little to show as my HHO equipped car and some Vortex coils. Also did some Bedini SG years ago...

Maybe here at CC we could share experiences and kickstart a group, trying to achieve the "critical mass" to build something useful.
Clearly Open Source from the beginning to allow anyone replicate.

Did you started a group on concen? I would be very interested.

You could try this practical free energy design. The technology is explained in the document.