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Manson Family - Suzan LaBerge (Victim's Daughter) Interview

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This is an interview with Suzan LaBerge (nee Struthers), Rosemary LaBianca's daughter from a previous marriage. She claimed she had forgiven her mother's killer, Charles 'Tex' Watson, and campaigned for his parole in the early 1990s. Oddly enough she didn't appear to be as forgiving towards the other killers (Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten), which led to some speculation at the time. Nowadays nothing is heard from her anymore so it's unknown whether she still supports his release or if she changed her mind.

The other relatives of the LaBiancas have always clearly stated they absolutely do not support Suzan LaBerge's opinions and statements to the media and remain vehemently opposed to the release of Watson, Krenwinkel, Van Houten and Manson.

This interview was preceeded by an interview with Tex Watson, which can be downloaded here:

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