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Manly P. Hall-Spiritual Centers In Man

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Awesome pamphlet from Manly P. Hall going over the chakras, as well as the essentials on how to study the occult and to approach them with spiritual maturity and not the ego only.
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The question is asked, “What must I do to unfold the divine powers latent within myself?” While it is not possible to give a direct answer to this question, we may cast some light on the subject by defining the fundamental principles upon which the Mystery schools of all ages were established as institutions of philosophic, ethical, and religious culture. The Schools of the Mysteries are composed of illumined men and women who have been accepted into the company of the Immortals. To reach this exalted position requires an almost inconceivable amount of preparatory labor; for if man would associate with these advanced types of humanity, he must raise himself to their level. Realizing that nothing is more dangerous than the indiscriminate circulation of occult secrets, the Mysteries established their schools for the purpose of concealing rather than revealing knowledge. They were the original and sole custodians of all the divine arts and sciences, the secret keys to which they revealed only to those whom they considered qualified to receive them. Inasmuch as man’s power increases with his knowledge,the secrets of Nature’s finer forces cannot be revealed to him until he has passed through these Mysteries,which test him as to his motive and demand certain standards of moral and philosophic excellence."