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Man Myth & Magic #1 - (1974)

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Man, Myth & Magic was an influential encyclopedia of the supernatural, including magic, mythology and religion, edited by Richard Cavendish. The Art Director was Brian Innes, formerly percussionist with the The Temperance Seven.

It was originally published in the UK market with 112 weekly issues beginning in 1970. It contained over 1,000 articles with some 5,000 illustrations, many of them in full colour. Binders were available from the publisher, organising the encyclopedia into seven volumes. The contributors were made up of more than two hundred academics and specialists in their respective fields writing in a generally accessible style.

The editorial board consisted of:

Glyn Daniel, Archaeologist and editor of 'Antiquity'.

E.R Dodds, former Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford.

Mircea Eliade, Professor of the History of Religion at University of Chicago.

William Sargant, past Physician in Charge of the Department of Psychological Medicine, St. Thomas Hospital.

John Symonds, Author and literary executor of Aleister Crowley.

R.J Zwi Werblowsky, Professor of Comparative Religion, Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

R.C Zaehner, Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions, and Ethics, Oxford.

C.A Burland, formally of the Department of Ethnography at the British Museum.