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Man-Greer-Big from Greer & Greer Associates, Mergers & Acquisitions

"Well, if he got killed, he must've done something wrong..."
I'm going to assume here, that not everyone on ConCen has seen or even heard of this to the extent of what is implied...
This is a quote from the departed movie, from an old lady...Dr. Greer says Marilyn Monroe was also murdered (a year before...),
that she had affairs with both of the Kennedy brothers and that she wanted to go public with some very secret things Kennedy had told her...
I don't know if you have seen this video, but it is from William cooper who generally in conspiracy circles is very much appreciated as competent, sane and otherwise useful...he was shot to death in defending his be more considerate and to avoid taking unnecessary one-sided bias...I read the f.b.i report on him to see the other side...the same with nikola tesla at the hotel...there's a report about that online's important to read about the POVs. The video shows that it could have been the driver shooting JFK, a...William Greer...I have to ask this question from Steven...did he...was he...

Anyway, there was this local company here called that sold mostly health products, many of them from Poland probably...they also employed people with disabilities...the company is now defunct or renamed... I bought a lot from them because they had a section there that sold stuff that had expired at huge discounts...many times when there was something that interested me, i just bought all of the items in hemp seeds....superfood concentrate powder...stuff like that, really expensive, at like five to ten times less the usual price...they also had protein bars...all that kind of stuff...gotta be smart about it...I made a little joke there on my last order there and told a story in the delivery instructions and notes box...something about company reputations and presidencies....then the person from the company mailed me and I wrote a lot more as a little dense monologue without expecting a response...this was useful in writing down stuff i would need to remember anyway...resources aren't always there to even write e-mails sometimes, for example...anything you can do in advance, gives you an advantage...I have been studying these things my entire life actually and so it is only natural that they finally started producing real health...and like evy poumpouras from the secret service least 90% of her job was tactical, mostly preparation and research... even when only shopping these kinds of skills are still very useful...thanks to this I managed even with the small amounts of money I had...technically, because I get a disability pension and welfare benefits, this could be interpreted as being paid by the government, LOL.... they say the hardest thing is to make the hard things simple and that's what I try to do....

Apparently, this guy Bill woke up the whole of clearly says so right there in the video...If anyone has any suggestions for videos, such as this, that are high quality, highly informative...and yet maybe unknown, for some reason...please send them over. I'm interested.
Phil Schneider is definitely one of those, for example...I consider Yuri Bezmenov's lectures as such (a mere reference in the comment box somewhere)...And Dr. Greer's interviews, man...What he says checks out...The newest movie is absolute shite and bollocks IMHO, when compared to the earlier ones and especially if the spacecraft footage were sold separately...but i would definitely buy it, even if just for the full length interview...but what'd ya expect if you're looking to get on Netflix...everything from the traffic lights to the ATM-s, your commercials and dietary habit recommendations are calibrated according to the weakest links...whoever and whatever that may be...Now, how does that affect everyone else?
Ten grand for "what is: but there are distinctions"