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MAN IN AMNESIA - (2014) - Fitzgerald Keith Roberts

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Now this torrent includes the complete material relating to "Man In Amnesia", the philosophical theory which takes the position that the human race is a unique and conscious, potentially evolving form of planetary organic life. In which the individuals within the organism have been granted the permission to independently develop and refine by virtue of the unique property of conscious self-determination.

This work suggests that this culturally driven system an individual finds themselves in, exclusively promotes three main motives for one's actions. These materially based, culturally inveigling motives are the pursuit of power, the pursuit of profit and the pursuit of promotion - None of which are either objective or regenerative in the great scheme of evolutionary affairs.

This work suggests that the majority of people live general habitual lives and suffer from an generic, yet acute form of mental inbreeding; having become dominated by the hierarchical trends of this industrialized revolution. As a result, when the surface of the majority of so called individuals is scratched, or the plethora of cultural distractions, addictions and delusions are removed, many reveal themselves to be unhappy with their subjective position occupied within this hierarchical system, NOT THE SYSTEM ITSELF.

This work proposes that there are others who, despite being well aware of the immanent direction that the current degenerative cultural trends promoted by the occult influences responsible for the industrial revolution are taking, do not have the necessary development or knowledge to do anything practical, effective or permanent about their situation - in the sense of real and genuine inner change. For the most part what is offered as new is merely regurgitated different, presented by the cultural Mass Media via one "Snake Oil Salesman/woman" or another and the effect of this mental inbreeding severely impacts and damages our children.

This work implies that an incredibly minute amount of individuals do realize that there is a valid need to make an appropriate conscious response - A need to seek, an urge to find and an attempt to practically implement genuine esoteric principles into one's life. Principles which currently relate to the government, order and dominion of Natural Laws of Creation currently onsetting into the domain of Planet Earth - Whilst the window of opportunity still allows for an individual to engage in such a conscious process.

The suggestion is being made that, by consistently studying these indelible natural principles, real progress, real elevation and real sublimation can be made and one's life can represent the type of initiative which leads to New Knowledge and genuine personal Refinement Development changes...Inner changes that manifest above and beyond the endless vacillation proposed by an exclusive engagement with the often degenerate criterion promoted by general habitual cultural life. It is being proposed here that the signature of one's life can culminate in a relationship of sympathetic resonance, appearing above and beyond the subjective personal views of Man addicted to power, profit and promotion - Or the typical dogmatic and culturally induced, "ism's, schism's and 'ologies", often associated with an parasitical engagement with the lower emotional, mentally warped onslaught specifically directed towards the youth. What has become clear is that many have been undeniably induced into a "virtual realism" of polarized attitudes, created within and often possessing oneself, at a time when being in a position to consciously discern the real causes as opposed to the effects of one's life is more important than ever. For one reason or another, the inheritance received at a very early age, which many continue to subscribe to, such as the prefabricated, contradictory, impermanent, personal belief systems, offering absolution at a price, which originate from the religious franchises of the cultural world, leave many confused or at the very least unfulfilled.

This work genuinely and sincerely attempts to deal with the real occult living causes responsible for influencing every single aspect of the human affair and its engagement with that which caused the human being to be. In this regard, this material has and can lead the serious intending Searcher towards embarking upon a principled and purposeful esoteric Journey of personal Refinement Development, true individuality and unfettered versatility...Providing one maintains decent standards, is prepared to work and remains open to that which seeks to help...

Therefore see that this material is being made available here, in the hope that it can serve some useful purposeful to the few amongst the many: Those who believe, but may unfortunately lack the esoteric knowledge and logistics necessary to transform what is believed into what can be explained and irrefutably known.

It is yet still possible for one to provide legitimate answers to the many of the self imposed questions connected to the important importance's of one's life to oneself, for oneself, oneself - Providing one is prepared to do the work. One must be prepared to take a position. One must be prepared to be patient and work without seeking external confirmation because working on oneself has no cultural value. One must be prepared to continue to maintain real, consistent, refining and practical standards of Grace and Dignity, whilst remaining open to the legitimate proposition of genuine inner change.....Regardless of the lateness of the hour.......