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Magick Mysticism & Masonry - Doc Marquis (2010)

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Magick Mysticism & Masonry - Doc Marquis (2010)

Doc Marquis is a former Satanist who was trained in the Illuminati Plan before he came out of the coven to become a Christian. In 1992, Doc was hired by the Boston Police Department to train their homicide detectives how to spot evidences in a crime scene that the perpetrator was a practicing occultist. Doc also has appeared on the following TV shows: Oprah Winfrey; Geraldo Rivera; Hard Copy; Inside Edition; Unsolved Mysteries, 20/20 He is the author of numerous books, video tapes and audio cassette series and has appeared as an expert witness in a number of documentaries.

This is THE ONE video every Mason to whom you are witnessing must see! Doc Marquis drives a wooden stake into the heart of Freemasonry by exposing truths only known to a former Satanist. After proving that Masonry does claim to be a religion, Marquis quotes from a Masonic handbook which says that 'The name Jesus Christ means absolutely nothing' to a Mason! Six parts to this video: 1) Legend of Hiram Abiff. Shows how Masons place Nimrod symbols inside their version of Solomon's Temple; 2) Captain Morgan fuels the Anti-Masonic Movement; 3) Religion and the Masons; 4) Illuminati - Masonic connection. Two Movements completely intertwined. Covers famous Masons and Witches. Very interesting! 5) Masonry and Washington, D.C. Unique portion here is that Marquis shows another small town which has a monument stating that Washington, D.C., streets were laid out in the Masonic Square and Compass; 6) Spiritual adultury, secret handshakes and strange symbols. Most informative of all Doc Marquis' videos. Really challenges the Southern Baptist Convention to change their rules allowing Masons in the pulpit, as Deacons and as church members.


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comment: If I was Lucifer I would also tell the masons not to worship Jesus but to worship me - it's common sense. Lucifer knows very well that GOD is real but he doesn't want his followers to know. How could he possibly have disobeyed GOD without believing in GOD's existence? It's pure logic. No dogmas are needed here. Does Lucifer exist at all? Nature isn't digital but rather analog, meaning there is not just man and then GOD, there is a gradual progression between man and GOD. There are forms of consciousness that are higher than man's consciousness and lower than GOD's consciousness, and to those intermediary levels of consciousness different names have been given such as 'gods', 'angels', 'demons' and 'Lucifer'. It's common sense really. If you happen to have some friends who are masons then this lecture is perfect for casting out their demons and save their souls - yes, even masons should be saved. Let's drive a wooden stake made of love into the heart of the prince of darkness...