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M. S. King - Woodrow Wilson: Warmonger: A Brief Analysis of How America Was Deceived Into World War 1

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Though not nearly as glorified as the Second World War which followed two decades later; America’s entry into World War I is generally regarded as a noble cause. We needed to fight in order to “make the world safe for democracy”, or so the goof-ball narrative goes. Mainly for that reason, Woodrow Wilson is ranked as one of the “Top Ten” Presidents by the court historians of American Academia. But is Woodrow Wilson truly worthy of such respect? Was America’s entry into World War I, at a price of 120,000 dead “doughboys”, really a just and necessary cause to be celebrated? Woodrow Wilson Warmonger will address these questions in the form of a line-by-line, fully illustrated rebuttal to Wilson’s pre-fight speech delivered to Congress, and published, in full, in the February 11, 1918 issue of the New York Times. This pamphlet is by no means a comprehensive analysis, but the reader will nonetheless find it very informative and highly thought-provoking. It is hoped that this work will whet the appetite of your inquiring mind and prompt you to explore The Bad War: The Story Never Taught About World War 2; a best-selling masterpiece which provides a thoroughly documented and illustrated summary of both World Wars; events which can more accurately be described as World War, Part 1 and World War, Part 2.