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M. S. King - Interview with Hitler: An Educational Parody

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206 Pages / 500 Illustrations The following "interview", though obviously a fictional event, accurately portrays what the ghost of Adolf Hitler would say in his defense if he could be interviewed today. His "answers" to WCBC talk-show host Ogre Winfield’s questions are mostly based upon an extensive and careful reading of his writings and speeches from 1921-1945, as well as those of his inner circle and others who knew him and survived the war. One is at liberty to reflexively dismiss the veracity or accuracy of Hitler's version of events if one so chooses. However, what cannot be disputed is this: Hitler's responses to Ogre’s questions truly represent what he would say if such an interview could take place. Indeed, some of Hitler's answers are direct quotes taken from his own speeches and writings. So if Hitler’s account does not please you, take it up with him. In regard to the fictional Ogre’s reaction, admittedly "artistic license" was taken there. But as for the portrayal of Hitler’s point of view, there can be no dispute. If such a made-for-TV event were possible, it would surely be the most watched show in broadcast history. You know you would watch it! Now, here is your chance. Don't let the whimsical setting of Interview with Hitler distract you too much, for this is utterly serious and scholarly history. For a more in-depth and fully sourced understanding of World War II, The Bad War (also by M S King) is recommended as a companion book to Interview with Hitler. Enjoy the show.