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M. S. King - God vs. Darwin: The Logical Supremacy of Intelligent Design Creationism Over Evolution

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***169 Pages / 200+ Illustrations*** Ever since its inception, the edifice of Evolutionary Darwinism has rested upon a foundation of sand, propped up solely by media hype, public ignorance and extreme intellectual bullying. With the release of 'God vs Darwin: The Logical Supremacy of Intelligent Design Creationism over Evolution', the bullies have met their match in the person of investigative author, M. S. King. In clear, concise and very easy to digest language, 'God vs Darwin' utilizes the basic rules of Socratic reason and logic to inquisitively press upon the multiple weak spots and classic logical fallacies of what King refers to as 'Unscientific Atheism.' Unique, informative, funny, well-researched and packed with illustrations, King's 'idiot-proof' devastation of 'Theoretical Science' will have the Unscientific Atheists scurrying back under the slimy rocks from which they believe our distant grandmothers slithered out from under. Most unique about King's work is the exposure of the bizarre psychological and political factors which served to enthrone Darwin as a false King. Says Patricia L. from Long Island: "King's excellent page-turning treatise makes a monkey out of Darwin and defines the Supreme Intelligence that moves the Universe; as best as we can understand it anyway. 5 HUGE Stars!