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LOVE Is Mind Control

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LOVE is Mind Control

Bernard: Okay - So we´re gonna Talk-about `The Human´ = a `Product of Evolution´ - a ‘Product’ of That which has become `Industrial´, the `Information-Evolution / Revolution´ - whatever you wanna Call-it. And as These-things were ‘Understood’ - in the World, and being-‘Utilized’ - I mean, it´s very-Much ‘Done’ on a very-Fascinating ‘Principle’: Which is the `Law of Attraction´, in-‘Essence’. You´ll have somebody, that - will ‘Study’ a ‘Way’ to become more-`Successful in the World’ = they´ll ‘Study’ by `Watching-People´ and `Watching their Behaviour´ - and through `Watching-People and their-Behaviour´ = they´ll come to ‘Conclusions’ on What Could ‘Interest’-People - to ‘Act’ and `Focus their Attention´... what could `Attract their Attention’ - ‘Sufficiently´ - that they would `Embrace’ a ‘Point´ - and thus, the Person will become `Wealthy´ = Simply by ‘Studying’ ‘Human-Behaviour’. So Obviously - When they ‘Realized’, that - if you ‘Study’ ‘Human-Behaviour’ and you can ‘See’ What would be a ‘Point’ you can ‘Present’ that will be ‘Attractive’ to the Human: You could become `Wealthy´ = it became a Total-‘Industry’. This-‘Industry’ has ‘Fuelled’ All that you Now `Experience´ and what has been the `Recent-History´ of the ‘Industrial-Technological-Information-Knowledge-Revolution’ = the `Evolution´. Your-`Evolution´ has been Directed ‘Deliberately’ According-to `What you Pay Attention-to´ = What you are `Willing’ to ‘Pay’-for´. Okay – And, In-that - the ‘Mind-System’ as it-‘Exist’ Within-you = has also `Upgraded´ and become `More-Effective´ - and it has been ‘Using’ very-Simple ‘Organs’: It´s been ‘Using’ = ‘PULSE’. You know what is `Pulse´?

Darryl: It’s your ‘Heart-Rate’.

Bernard: I mean - you can ‘Measure’ your-‘Pulse’ - it´s your ‘Heart-Rate’ - it is Something you `Trust´ - isn´t it? Because – it’s `Always There´, it is `Keeping-you Alive´ = it is `Pulsing’. And - Each-One has got a Different ‘Pulse’ = Each-One has got Different-‘Points’ that make you `Feel Comfortable´: You Walk into Somebody´s ‘Presence’ - have you Ever-‘Wondered’: Why sometimes you are `Attracted´ - sometimes you’re `Repelled´ = it´s because - by `The Pulse’ the Person is `Projecting´ - according-to This-‘Pulse’ = You will Make your-‘Decisions’. So once the ‘Pulse’-thing were - Understood = it was Not a `Giant-Leap´ - to Move from ‘PULSE’ - to ‘IMPULSE’. But you know what is `Impulse´, I mean – you’re sometimes `Impulsive´. But there´s another ‘IMPULSE’: There is the `Placing´ or the `Presenting’ to-You of an `Impulse´ that - if it is ‘Presented’ `Enough-Times´ = you´ll Start `Pulsing’ with the ‘Impulse’ you were ‘Presented’ - and you will Starting-to `Attract´´ll Start to `Attract´ what has been ‘Impulsed’ and you´ll Start to ‘Believe’ it to be ‘True’. I mean - Imagine the ‘Ultimate-Impulse’ that´s ‘Become’ the `Centre of Attraction´ in ‘Recent-History’ for the last 2000Years – the Same-‘Message’ has been ‘Impulsed’: “That there is a `Invisible-Guy’ in the ‘Sky’ who ‘Sent’ His-‘Son’ to ‘Die’ for Your-‘Sins’ so that you can do-‘Anything you-Like’, you´re-‘Okay’ - as long as You ‘Believe in-Him’. And - that This-‘Guy’ has ‘Risen from the Dead’ - and He had Twelve-‘Witnesses’” - I mean - and Where is the Twelve coming-in? A ‘Watch’ on your-‘Pulse’: ‘Time’. And ‘Time’ is what? A ‘Pulse’ = Total-‘Base Twelve System´. Once the `Base-Sub Twelve-System´, was - Clearly-`Imprinted´ - and taken-‘Into’ the `Mysterious´ of the `Astrological´ - The ‘Birth-Sign’ - The ‘Cycles’ - The ‘Moon-Cycles’ - The ‘Seasonal-Cycles’ = All the Different-‘Cycles’ that All ‘Fit’-Into This `Grand-Scheme´ of ‘Pulsing’ = an 'Interesting'-Thing - ‘Developed’: An ‘Understanding’, that - the Human-Being ‘Essentially’ – is a ‘Electromagnetic-Machine’:

‘All the Time’ Within-you - there are ‘Pulses Moving’ between your-‘Nerves’ and another-‘Nerve’. The ‘Moment’ you have a ‘Thought’ - the ‘Thought Spins’. You have it ‘Enough-Times’ - it ‘Generates Energy’. That ‘Energy’ that's ‘Generated’ - ‘Impulse’ the ‘Whole-Time’ in your-‘System’, and as it ‘Impulse’ – you've ‘Seen’ what ‘Emoto’ has-‘Shown’; what Happens to a ‘Water-Molecule’ – you are Mostly ‘Water’. The ‘Water’ start to ‘Take-On’ that ‘Geometrical-Design’, until ‘Eventually’ that ‘Geometrical-Design’ is So-‘Imprinted’ that you Don't even ‘Think’-it Anymore = you ‘Do’-it. You ‘Take’-it from the ‘Concrete’ to the ‘Abstract’. Say, ‘Driving a Car’ - ‘Driving a Car’ Starts in the ‘Initial’-Stages where you have to ‘Impulse’ your-‘Body’ and your-‘Senses’. Into a ‘Coherent-Cooperation’ to ‘Functionally-Move’ All the ‘Parts’ of the ‘Car’ so that you ‘End-Up’ in a ‘Condition’ that you-call: ‘Driving’. And ‘Initially’ you’ll go-through ‘Practicing’ That, and you ‘Practice’ That, and you ‘Practice’ That -until: You get to the ‘Point’ where you're ‘Driving’- but you don't ‘Think’ about-it, because now - you can ‘Drive’ and you can use your ‘Cell-Phone’, and it's No ‘Big-Feat’ to do that, I mean – it was a ‘Story’ in the ‘Beginning’, but now it's ‘Easy’. You can ‘Chat-away’ where before you were in the ‘Beginning’- you were ‘Driving’, you said to everybody: “Shut Up! I'm ‘Trying’ to ‘Concentrate’ Here.” What are you ‘Saying’? “I was ‘Concentrating’ the ‘Impulse’. So that I can ‘Become’ this-‘Pulse’ which is my ‘Living-Expression’, I'm ‘Busy’ ‘Designing’-Me into an ‘Effective’ - from my perspective - ‘Expression’ as a ‘Driver’. Now ‘Depending’, for instance, on what ‘Type’ of ‘Driving-School’ you went to, or Who ‘Taught’-you to ‘Drive’ = you will have Peculiar-‘Habits’ within your ‘Driving’ - you're Not All gonna to be the Same Kind-of ‘Drivers’ = it all ‘Depends’ on the ‘Type’ of ‘Impulse’.


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