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love the free energy stuff

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love the free energy stuff


I've been using the site for a good while now, and decided to join to see if I could rouse more interest in the free energy stuff. It seems to me like that is the important stuff to keep up and running in terms of seeding. I personally spend a lot of time reading the books and forums and drawing up potential machines (large, to-scale drawings) because I am leary to build until I truly feel ready. I still do the occasional experiment but only when I'm really sure of what I'm looking for. I used to install appliances, but now I'm out of work on a bum ankle and the money is a'drainin. I honestly just want something to make living out of a truck or camper as comfortable and practical as possible. Oh, and like it's 2017! Only then will my personal endeavors be possible, or at least it's what I tell myself so that I can get this figured out and move on to the next challenge - I've been stuck on this one for almost a decade, and I'm only 27. I'm also into music, history, mysteries, and really cherishing all the "gems" of life as I see them. So feel free to hit me up this site with PM's or whatever it happens to be, and help keep this alternative science thing alive and real!


P.S. A Great Many Thanks To All Who Upload And Maintain The Site

Welcome to ConCen

I hope you can share your knowledge with us.

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