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Loompanics - Big Collection of Anarchist and Libertarian Culture Books

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For all those stuck at home and want some interesting reading. A bit dated, but enjoyable reads... ;-)

Anonymous Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution v1.0.pdf
Cannabis Alchemy Art of Modern Hashmaking.pdf
Combat Knife Throwing - Loompanics.pdf
Covert Censorship On The Web - Loompanics, Fester, Google.pdf
Curious Punishments of Bygone Days - A M Earle, Loompanics.pdf
David's Tool Kit - Ragnar Benson (Loompanics Unlimited).pdf
Dirty Tricks Cops Use (And Why They Use Them) by B Rommel - Loompanics 1993.pdf
Getaway - Driving Techniques For Escape and Evasion - Ronald George Eriksen II (Loompanics Unlimited).pdf
homemade guns and homemade ammo - brown - loompanics.pdf
How To Collect Illegal Debts, Loompanics Unlimited, 1990.pdf
How To Publish a Fanzine - M Gunderloy, Loompanics 1988.pdf
How To Start Your Own Country - E S Strauss, Loompanics.pdf
How To Steal Food From The Supermarket -Loompanics.pdf
How_To_Make_Your_Own_Professional_Lock_Tools_Eddie_the_Wire_from_HemiSync_Vol_3 [Loompanics].pdf
Loompanics - The_Poisoner_s_Handbook_-_Maxwell_Hutchkinson.pdf
Loompanics - Uncle Fester - Silent Death (2nd ed).pdf
Loompanics 1990 - Wayne Yeager - Techniques of Safecracking 1-55950-052-2 Kilroy.pdf
Loompanics How to Make Your Own Professional Lock Tools Volume 3 UpAndRunning.pdf
Loompanics Unlimited - 1983 - Getaway Driving Techniques For Evasion And Escape - 3Rd Edition - Isbn 0915179989 - 47S - Een.pdf
Loompanics Unlimited - Art & Science Of Dumpster Diving.pdf
Loompanics Unlimited - Techniques Of The Professional Pickpocket.pdf
Paladin Press The Complete Ranger's Handbook.pdf
Practical LSD Manufacture by Uncle Fester, Loompanics 1995.pdf
Principia Discordia 5th Edition Loompanics Unlimited Edition.pdf
Psychedelic Chemistry -M.V.Smith (1981)(Loompanics)[drugs,LSD,DMT,Ayahuasca,Peyote,Magic.Mushrooms,entheogen].pdf
Sneak It Through (Paladin Loompanics).pdf
Techniques of Safecracking by W B Yeager, Loompanics 1990.pdf
The 9 mm Machine Pistol -- Volume IV Of Home Workshop Guns - Bill Holmes [Paladin Press 85 Page Pdf].pdf
The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving - J Hoffman, Loompanics 1993.pdf
The Art of Human Hacking.pdf
The Big Book of Secret Hiding Places - J Luger, Loompanics 1987.pdf
The Complete Guide To Lockpicking - Loompanics.pdf
The Construction And Operation of Clandestine Drug Laboratories - J B Nimble, Loompanics 1994.pdf
The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories - Loompanics.pdf
The guide to alternative therapies for cancer.pdf
The Outlaw's Bible - How To Evade the System Using Constitutional Strategy - Boozhie, Loompanics.pdf
The Principia Discordia (5th Edition Loompanics Unlimited Edition)(Pdf).zip