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Looking for some help with a video

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Looking for some help with a video

Hello gentz. I am looking for a video about water supply but am unable to remember what its title is/was. The main thing in it I am looking for is video of these large balloons the size of a ship, filled with water, being towed over seas. it had come from the fresh water here in the US.. thanx for your help if you are able


i know what you are looking

i know what you are looking for, but also forgot the important part
the title.

look here if you can find it

OUTSTANDING...! t/y seems it

OUTSTANDING...! t/y seems it might be #6. Water on the Table.. now to dive thru and find the sceens.. thanks..!!

will respond if find..

edit.. alas.. seems this was a "scr"oogle search I just plain missed..

"keywords" are the new master of knowledge"

that should be a slogan.... ;) Hola/Cheers

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