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Long time listener... and hey I created something all y'all might like :-D

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Long time listener... and hey I created something all y'all might like :-D

Hello all,

Very long time listener, first heard about the world of conspiracy circa 92-93' having access to usenet at work and alt.conspiracy. Waco. Ruby Ridge. WTC. 9/11. Variety of plagues. Government corruption. Pedophile rings. Seriously if you want the list I'd be typing all day. That crazy map of conspiracy theories that when you dig and research enough eventually weave themselves together... I'd be remiss if I didn't add that Epstein didn't, you know...

I unplugged broadcast in the late 90's and - material like that found on the old conspiracy central and now concen - and a few good podcasters are my primary media habit. I also have a habit of archiving terabytes of media, which leads me to...

I've started a hobby project, my way of contributing back to the countless researchers, documentarians, and podcasters that have proven illuminating over the years.

I'm putting my collection all on-line, uploading, tagging, metadata'ing, and ... its a huge project, which I've finally put into motion. I'd love to get some eyes on it.

Heres how you can help

1) Go watch things. Make my page views and view counts increase. That's fun, cos, graphs. ;-)

2) If you find something good, hit that like button (lol sound like a podcaster do I?) more importantly go for those share buttons/links cos they make #1 go brrrrrrrr. Plus, it's easier to share the vaccine/covid vids than giving your fam/friends/colleagues/bum on the street torrent urls.

3) If you hit a file that doesn't play, SMASH TF out of that "report this video button". I've uploaded over 3k files from about 15 years of hard drives, seems about ≈5% pretended to encode and generated poster frames, but, don't play...

Hey, and, thanks guys for torrenting a majority of what's on the site lol, y'all r heka kewl. ;-)

My Suggestion

This is a generous offer, thanks I would be more likely to take advantage of some uploads if the file sizes are "relatively" small. When there is a Mega Mega torrent of 300+ gigs and I am only interested in 20 megabytes of it, I tend to pass it over

no no no not a torrent site

Sorry forgot the link in the original post. For redundancy

And 300MBs? LOL already uploaded more like 3TB I'll put it in a zip if you want (j/k I'd do no such thing)

it'd help if I added this

it'd help if I added this part lol


Wow, what a monolithic effort! Many thanks for putting your site together and sharing it with us. I don't have archives going back all the way to the original Conspiracy Central on external hard-drives, but I do have an old box of dusty and partially scratched DVD-Rs (remember those days) with some of my old torrents and downloads.

Wow! Thank you for sharing.

Wow! Thank you for sharing. Respect, bro!


Thank you for sharing, it is useful

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