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I hope easy and pax realize that only admin and/or mods can post in the torent forum.

I was gonna make a smart ass comment about detrick from Barney Miller coming back to the squad room, looking at a device on a desk for a second or two and asking
"Where the hell did ya get the atom bomb ?" lol

Edit to add : Season 4 episode 11.

well bugger my old boots!

i didn't know that..LOL
being fair though.. i don't reckon wonderboy would reply even if he could...
I'll ask Nibs to have a gander at the permissions for posting there are feedback for uploaders is never a bad thing..and somethign to talk about is never a bad thing for everyone here!
I am now gonna go make a coffee then go and sit in the corner with a dunce hat on :P
edit : it seems to be people can post on thetorrent module that Nibs coded however perhaps not on the now outdated forum area.....

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