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Livingstone - Terrorism and the Illuminati - A Three Thousand Year History (2007)

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This is David Livingstone's monumental book which presents a three thousand year history of occult movements and their relationship with Islamic terrorism towards the fomentation of a Clash of Civilizations.

Covering a wide array of controversial topics such as Zionism, Nazism and radical terrorists factions, Livingstone delivers an important, albeit highly subjective book that's part history, part ideology/theology and part conspiracy theory. It provides exhaustive research aligning the movers and shakers of their times and getting an understanding of how world events have been staged.

Terrorism and the Illuminati traces and connects individual groups such as the Holy Grail, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar and many others. Lords, legends, myths and elite bloodlines, when analyzed independently appear insignificant and are easily ignored. However, when the dots are connected, a very different picture beings to come into focus. According to like-minded individuals, keeping these connections broken and the lines blurred, has allowed these secret societies and their members to operate in the shadows of a meticulously cultivated public image.

While many dismiss the idea of secret societies and a one world government as mere conspiracy theories run amok, many others would argue that is part of the plan. Thinking outside the box has always been a trait of forward thinking individuals and societies. Analyzing the ridiculous or outlandish has resulted in numerous discoveries and inventions that in retrospect have shaped communities, academics, governments and the world as a whole and their creators are given the highest, most prestigious recognition.

Terrorism and the Illuminati is an in-depth view of secret societies, terrorism and present day conflicts, from the perspective that all are interconnected, related and fueling each other, thus propelling the world towards a "clash of civilizations". Is the world being pushed towards World War 3? Find out what horrible games are currently being played on the world's stage. 325 pages.


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