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The Life of Muhammad (2011)

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The series was the first time that a British television network has screened a programme about the life of Muhammad, and the first full account of the history of Muhammad’s life to have been shown on “Western television.”
It charts the life and times of Muhammad, a man whose name is invoked in reverence by the billion and half Muslims across the globe as the messenger and final prophet of God. In a journey that is both literal and historical, Rageh Omaar travels to the place of Muhammad’s birth to re-trace his actual footsteps; from humble beginnings in Mecca, his struggles with his prophetic role and divine revelations, his migration to Medina, to the establishment of the first Islamic constitution, and his subsequent military and political successes and failures, before his final return to Mecca following armed conflicts through to his death and his legacy.
It also raises questions about Islam’s role in the world today and explores where Islam’s attitudes towards money, charity, women, social equality, religious tolerance, war and conflict originate.

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