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Lenon Honor-The 911 Video the Alternative News Does Not Want You To See

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Lenon Honor talks about trauma and 9/11, and how this trauma is intentionally relived each year on 9/11.


Hi Lisa,
I asked you some time ago to give more details and you said you would. I'm grateful to you for putting stuff on here, but I wish you'd give more details. In this case, there are thousands of videos about 9/11. Why should I download this one? Was this made on 9/11? Months later? Years later? This year? There is no clue. Does it have David Ray Griffin? Anyone I love or I hate? No clue. So what is it about? No clue, except the title. But even that is vague and a bit suspect. The 911 Video the Alternative News Does Not Want You To See. Why would the Alternative News not want anyone to see this? Surely it should be Mainstream News?
You said you work and you don't always have time to watch stuff before uploading it. I'm sure everyone here is grateful to you for putting up stuff, but I would prefer it if you reduced the quantity and increased the quality, by giving more detail about each upload. Date made, who made it or who is in it. And briefly what it is about or anything unusual. I searched Google for this and did not find anything. So is this some useless radio host chatting to some non-entities, or is it the most important video ever made about 9/11?
But again, many thanks for your uploads.

I added more details. I also have videos that are no longer on Google/Youtube, thus I can't link to the video on Youtube or a website.