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The Last Pope (2018)

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When Pope Francis took over after the shocking resignation of Pope Benedict, the Catholic Church was in the midst of ongoing internal debates inspired by modern day scandals. The Church itself was being forced to find a way to acknowledge the past while solidifying its future on the world stage. But just what does the future hold - not just for Catholics, but for all of us? When Francis took over as pontiff, Prophecy scholars were quick to point out that visions of an Irish Saint named Malachy centuries ago predicted that Pope Francis would be THE LAST POPE - and, that events during his papacy could pave the way toward Armageddon. Because of the stunning accuracy of his predictions of previous popes that were at one time kept secret at the Vatican, people everywhere wondered, could Malachi's dire prophecy be true? It turns out, the so-called Malachy prophecies also overlap with other, similar predictions for a violent end of days - including with a spectacular series of messages delivered to shepherd children by the Virgin Mary during miraculous events in Fatima, Portugal witnessed by thousands. There are also parallels to a visions revealed by none other than the world's most famous seer, Nostradamus. Is Pope Francis THE LAST POPE?

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