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In the Last Days (2015)

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“Bible Doug” takes us on tour with him as he covers many doctrinal challenges to the rapture of the church. Doug addresses the last days scoffers and then asks a tough question—can people who have already heard the Gospel and rejected it be saved in the Tribulation? Doug goes 1-on-1 with Hagmann and Hagmann; looks at the wrath of God and the Day of the Lord; addresses the pre-wrath position and surmises what life will be like “after the rapture.” Learn how to study the Bible effectively in an hour or so and live a life pleasing to the Lord. This passionate rapture defender will get you excited about the Lord’s return and our soon-to-come meeting in the clouds.

Deliverance or Devastation?: Son of God or Perdition? (64 minutes)
Learn to Study the Bible in One Hour (61 minutes)

The Christian Race . . . Ready . . . Set . . . GOne (64 minutes)
Hagmann & Hagmann interview (32 minutes)

When the Sword of the Spirit Devours the Roaring Lion (61 minutes)
Interview # 1: Salvation in the Tribulation
Interview # 2: Rapture Scoffers

When the Day of the Lord Begins
Interview # 3- After the Rapture
Interview # 4- Freedom in Christ

10 Studies on 4 DVDs – 434 minutes!

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